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Venetian Wanderings | Episode 6: La Tecia Vegana

I have to be totally honest with you...I had no idea there was a vegan restaurant in Venice. I discovered it the other day (while preparing episode 5...) when I was wandering around the Santa Marta neighbourhood... I was so shocked that I walked in immediately to have a look around and ask for information. I had to go back and try it!

But I should first tell you that Vittorio was born in Santa Marta and when he saw a vegan restaurant where once stood "El Bottegon", an old style osteria, he needed some time -and a Negroni- to recover. Now the place is called La Tecia Vegana (tecia, in Venetian dialect, means pan) and is managed by an Irish man called Thomas, a really nice and easy-going fellow, the furniture is really simple and, in general, I found the place kind of hippy and (unexpectedly) crowded with people, mostly locals and some travellers who had found it on an App for vegans (Yes, today I also learned that there is an app for vegans...).

Anyway, there was a positive vibe and the staff was friendly and kind. We returned the following week to test it.

The menu was simple and with lots of yummy dishes. And the prices more than fair (5 euros for a combination of 2 starters or 2 veggies and 5/6 euros for a first or second course).

If you want to enjoy some good fresh food on a budget, La Tecia Vegana is definitely a great option. And you can stay sure you won't be hungry afterwards. For us everything was a pleasant surprise.

We started with some hummus, Russian salad, spinach with almonds and potatoes. Homely and tasty. I drank a cup of Ginseng tea while Vito had a beer. Although we aren't vegans ourselves, we love veggies and we eat them all the time, so we appreciate the taste of simple homemade food and thought everything was lovely.

The potatoes had a nice crust and I particularly liked the chickpea hummus. More liquid than mine. I don't use tahini because I never remember to buy it, so my hummus (which is absolutely delicious) is more of a spread.

While the mayo used in this Russian salad was made with almond milk. Very delicate and mild.

Then we both had a first course: I had a vegan lasagna with mushrooms. Very nice. The béchamel was made with rice milk, flour and sunflower seed oil. I found it quite filling.

Vito opted for a plate of orecchiette with pesto and fresh cherry tomatoes. The pasta was served on a bed of rocket salad and it emanated a lovely scent of fresh basil.

To complete our meal we ended with some small sweets made with cashew, walnuts and pistachios and two hot espressos. A lovely break.

Perfect if you are looking for an off-the-beaten track and easy-going place. I think it's the only vegan restaurant in Venice (at least that I know of ). They also organise cooking classes! Yes, it's definitely a fun place, made special by the personality of the owner, Cinzia -the amazing cook- and of their fantastic helper Antonella.

La Tecia Vegana

Address: Dorsoduro, 2104, 30123 Venezia

Phone: +39 041 524 6244

Closed on Mondays

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