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Venetian Wanderings | Episode 15: Ca' Fujiyama

There's a place I go to when I want to charge my batteries and find some peace and this place is Ca' Fujiyama. This bed and breakfast was started years ago by a Japanese Professor and now it's managed by an authentic Venetian called Elena.

The atmosphere is wonderful. From the moment you step in until the moment you leave, you will feel enveloped by a sense of comfort. The place is small and cozy, with Japanese prints on the walls, gorgeous cups and teapots displayed on wooden shelves and small red marble tables.

But wait and see, because the best part has yet to come: the Japanese style back garden, a corner of peace, a hidden treasure. At Ca' Fujiyama you can literally curl up with a book or spend the afternoon chatting with a friend, the staff is really helpful and will make you feel at ease, no one will ever rush you and, mostly, the food is delicious.

Ca' Fujiyama is not a restaurant, it's a tea-house and small eatery. Here you can find amazing muffins, brownies, cookies, cakes (all homemade or, anyway, artisanal) and tempting savoury snacks like Quiche Lorraine, toasted sandwiches and salads. Many are the options for vegetarians and vegans, the salads are simply delicious and the presentation lovely.

They also serve the Venetian craft beer Bav (which stands for Birra Artigianale Venezia), freshly squeezed juices, wine, spritz, coffee and, obviously, a wide assortment of teas.

I was on my own. I had just finished work and had about an hour and a half to spare, so I decided to go to Ca' Fujiyama for a light and comforting break. Everything in my dish was so rich in flavour that only in a second moment did I realise I was having a vegan meal.

I had asked Elena to prepare whatever she wanted and I was served a combo with a beetroot, carrot and sunflower seeds tartare and two rice rolls stuffed with lettuce, avocado and mango. Y-U-M !

The tartare was pleasantly crunchy and fresh, garnished with lots of sunflower, pumpkin and linen seeds and a little bit of olive oil. Light and flavourful. And the rolls were surprising: I loved them! Both mango and avocado were ripe and soft, with a tender yet firm texture and, wrapped in those rice paper rolls, they tasted amazing.

Oh wow... all those good fats, vitamins and antioxidants combined perfectly with my Bancha green tea, hot and with a nice leafy scent.

I thought it looked lovely and I liked the contrast of the yellow and green tones of the rice rolls with the red and oranges of the tartare. It reminded me of Japanese manga comics, bright and colourful.

How can one not relax in a place like this? I was feeling so at ease that I would have stayed there forever, sipping my Bancha tea and eating heavenly (plant-based!) food. Pleasure with no guilt, or almost...

Before leaving and going back to work, I wanted to breathe in some more of that charming sense of calmness, mirrored by the small details.

Okay, okay, let's not be so poetic, you should know me by now and the truth is I wanted to try their artisan cookies...

How could I resist? One was with chocolate chips and the other with dark chocolate.

At that point, how could I decide? So, as I always do when I find myself in this sort of situation, I did what my mother would tell me to do "take both, you never know in life". So, thank you mum for your precious advice!

The perfect conclusion. A few more moments of detachment from the world and a couple of buttery bites of mouthwatering and crumbly biscuits before returning to reality.

Elena makes most of the cakes, her speciality are the renown hazelnut brownies, but some products are bought from artisan producers. I particularly love the muffins and soufflés, which literally melt in your mouth, and the gluten-free dark chocolate brownies... O M G !!!!!

Just look at them, so dark and sexy, aren't they beautiful and inviting?

The same is true for these babies here...

Unfortunately my time was finished and I had to go, but they'll see me soon, I love this place!

Ca' Fujiyama is ideal for people who appreciate homely and fresh food, baked goodies and a quiet atmosphere. A great option for lunch, here you will be able to enjoy specialty sweet and savoury snacks or luscious vegetarian and vegan salads without spending a fortune and in a location that will surely impress you. Highly recommended.

Ca Fujiyama

Address: Calle Lunga de San Barnaba, 2727/A, 30100 Dorsoduro di Venezia VE

Phone: +39 041 724 1042

Opening times: Monday-Friday 11 am-7:45 pm ; Saturday 2 pm - 7:45 pm

Sunday closed

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