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Venetian Wanderings | Episode 22: Rosa Salva in Calle Fiubera

When I was a university student I used to work in a coffee bar in Rialto and I learned that mornings are delicate moments and the most important thing people need, besides an excellent coffee, is a nice and cordial smile. For this reason I always have my second breakfast at Rosa Salva in Calle Fiubera.

Rosa Salva is one of the oldest pastry shops in Venice, a guarantee of quality. The business was started back in 1879 by Antonio Rosa, known as Salva, who had first started delivering gourmet food to the Venetian nobility in and around Venice, and then inherited the "travelling trattoria", becoming known especially as a pastry chef. Today Rosa Salva counts four pastry shops in Venice and another four hosted inside prestigious local museums.

The one I go to most often is the one in Calle Fiubera. First of all, it's close to my house, and secondly, the lab is here and the offer is wider. In fact, besides delicious artisanal pastries and sweets, here you can also enjoy mouthwatering savoury treats and a proper lunch. All at very reasonable prices.

It's only a few minutes from Saint Mark's Square and if you are looking for a nice light lunch, Rosa Salva is definitely one of the best options. For breakfast or in the afternoon, I tend to indulge in sweet foods. Just to give you an idea, in the morning I go for things like croissants

or traditional biscuits like the Ss and Bussolai typical of the island of Burano,

while in the afternoon I generally go for something chocolaty, to recharge my batteries.

Here you will find a wide and quite inviting assortment of chocolates and chocolate biscuits.

They also prepare amazing cakes to take away and, at Christmas and Easter, you must try their Focaccia. I'm not a big cake buyer, but when we go to a friend's house for dinner we sometimes pop by and buy a small treat.

Until some time ago, Vittorio used to work in Saint Mark's and we often met here for a quick bite. Rosa Salva is locally known for the famous tramezzini, Venetian delicacies consisting in triangular sandwiches made with white bread (with the crust removed) and filled with mayonnaise and different combinations of things. The most popular are: ham and eggs, ham and mushroom, tuna and eggs, tuna and olives or pickled onions and -last but not least- asparagus and egg. So good... a real quintessential culinary experience in Venice. I also recommend trying the small pizzas, just be aware that they're addictive.

If you want to have a proper meal, from about 12 pm until 2:30 (more or less), you can also enjoy a dish of pasta, a rice salad, a second course and different veggies and salads. The cost ranges from about 6 euros to 8 euros, which I consider excellent value for money and, in fact, I'm a habitual customer...

Today I was on my own. I had my second breakfast early (I don't know if I've already told you, but I get up very early and jog nearly every morning, so I'm always very hungry!) then went to the Lido market. On Fridays there is a farmers market and I often do my weekly shopping there (wow, today I got some lovely nettles!). Anyway, when I came back, I decided to stop at Rosa Salva -again- for a quick bite before going to work.

There was an inviting assortment of first courses like pasta with prawns, barley with veggies, pasta with tomatoes and pesto, a tomato salad and tomatoes gratin. I opted for a yummy rice salad with chicken, prawns, finely sliced bell peppers, tomatoes, peas and carrots. Very nice, simple, healthy and tasty.

I had this course and a glass of water and spent 8,50... Great! A good and hearty lunch in the Saint Mark's district for less than 10 euros. I don't know about you, but I think this is brilliant.

Other things you can enjoy in Rosa Salva are freshly squeezed juices, excellent teas and coffee, beer, spritz and prosecco and different soft drinks. One of my husband's favourites is the Alexander, the cocktail. You can also purchase different delicacies and treats to bring home as gourmet gifts.

I recommend Rosa Salva pastry shop to anyone looking for yummy sweet and savoury treats and a taste of local tradition.

Rosa Salva

Address: Calle Fiubera, 950, 30124 Venezia

Phone: +39 041-5210544

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 8.00 am – 8.00; closed on Sundays

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