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Venetian Wanderings | Episode 23: Bar 9

When the weather warms up, the Lido becomes one of my favourite destinations.

The Lido is a sort of happy islands, where you can relax, rent a bike, go to the beach and drink some amazing cocktails.

Thanks to Instagram I found out about a new -and really nice- place: Bar 9.

This lovely toasterie and cocktail bar, located in Via Lepanto, opened less than a month ago and has already become one of the most popular bars in the centre. The managers, two twin brothers, have been in the business for ages and sure know how to do things: all their places are very stylish and their cocktails great!

I kept seeing alluring pictures on their Instagram page, so as soon as I went to the Lido I asked mum to have lunch there. The place is very nice, Giovanni (one of the twins) told me he designed the interior and the furniture. Mum was curious to learn the reason behind the name 9 and it's quite simple (yet uncommon): it's an esoteric number, it's the civic number and because numbers -in general- remain in people's memory for longer. It has also been a lucky number for the twins because Swedish multimedia artist Thomas Dellert (OMG!!!! He is brilliant, he worked with Andy Warhol...he is amazing and I badly want to meet him!), created especially for them some stunning collages, all with movie stars and the sign BAR 9! So stunning...

I stole this pic from Bar 9's Facebook page, just to give you an idea. Fab !!!

In this collage we can see Monica Vitti -an important Italian actress known for her roles in movies directed by no less than Michelangelo Antonioni and Mario Monicelli....- at Bar 9! What a life, and what a woman! Other collages depict characters like Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and more...

I know they are considering making t-shirts too! And personally, I think it's an excellent idea: the Lido is known throughout the world for the Film Festival...and these creative pop t-shirts would become iconic!

Going back to food, mum and I were quite hungry, but mostly, we were curious to taste their tapas, so we first had an assortment of cicchetti: crostini topped with peach and bufala mozzarella, pancetta and truffle sauce (when I saw my mum's face...I understood she was really enjoying this one), tomato and mozzarella, strawberries with fresh cheese and balsamic vinegar, tomato mozzarella and basil, prosciutto with walnuts and a small tramezzino with tuna and egg.

So good! And so filling ... I know what you're thinking, this alone would have been enough. And you're right, but we're hungry babies and, anyway, we had to make sure everything was up to standards ;-)

We were feeling amazing: relaxed and cuddled. The young blond woman who served us was so kind and polite that it was just impossible not to feel at ease. And Giovanni too was extremely friendly. Bar 9 emanates positive energy: creativity and art are combined together with food, drinks and entertainment. The twins' enthusiasm can be perceived at every corner and in every detail and these are the things I look for when I go out, so... my first impression was very very positive !!!

Mum and I kept eating and chatting, as if we hadn't seen each other for years (even if I was at her house last Tuesday...). When I showed the pictures to Vito, the first thing he said was "I can see you didn't starve yourself!".

I asked for a bruschetta with mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and rocket salad, tasty and satisfactory!

My mum, instead, had a bruschetta with dried tomatoes, Parmesan and mozzarella. Delicious!!!!

If you're thinking that there's a lot f cheese here, you're right! But don't worry, Bar 9 has plenty more options. The toasted sandwiches and the piadine are really nice too, and you can have things with more fruit and greens if you're concerned about "dieting" or have particular needs.

If I had come with my -extremely patient- husband, we would have ordered many different things, but -sorry!- I was with my mum and we hardly ever get to spend some time alone, so our priority was to relax. I've been a little less professional than usual guys, but I can still give you my word that whatever you'll choose will meet your expectations!

Bar 9 gets very crowded at the aperitif and after dinner... Being close to the beach, Mojito is a big thing, but if you are fond of other types of cocktails...just ask and all your desires will be satisfied! Enjoy!

I highly recommend Bar 9 to anyone looking for good food, an arty and easy going atmosphere, craft beer and summery cocktails! I'm sure that the Biennale audience will love it!

Bar 9

Address: Via Lepanto 9

Phone: 347 030 1575

Website: www.bar9.it

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