My Sweet Venice: Pasticceria Didovich

I've been tasked with a quite demanding job and right now I don't have the time to wander about Venice, but obviously I still need to have my usual breaks and luckily close to my house there are quite a few good options.

Today I'm taking you to a local pastry shop that for lunch offers delicious hot dishes, this is Pasticceria Didovich in Campo Santa Marina. This is an old style pastry shop, in the sense that they are very dedicated to what they do and about the quality of their products.

Best pastry shop in Venice | Pasticceria Didovich

In the morning you can have your breakfast standing or sitting in their small side room or outside when its warm. I love their croissants, not overly sweet and with a perfect texture. Another pastry I highly recommend trying is the Pastiera Napoletana, so good and tasty that it has become my all times favourite.

If you're the type of person that prefers savoury treats, try the pizzette and salatini and also the small quiches. I usually get either the pizza with the bread dough and anchovy or the stuffed pastry with spinach and ricotta.

Or you can have a proper tea break and savour one of their cakes...

Best pastry shop in Venice | Pasticceria Didovich

Didovich, for me, is an excellent solution when I don't have time to cook. For lunch they always offer two different types of lasagna, a dish of gnocchi or pasta, salads, cured meats, cheese, frittata and a different assortment of sandwiches and tramezzini.

I took a picture of the menu so that you can get an idea of the prices too.

Best options for lunch in Venice | Pasticceria Didovich

The quality is good and the place lovely. Campo Santa Marina is quieter than other nearby areas and sitting outside simply watching people pass by or leafing through the papers is a small treat I allow myself every once in a while! Today I was quite hungry and wanted something meaty, so I ordered a portion of meatballs with tomato sauce and peas.

Really nice and flavoursome, a genuine and simple homemade dish that tasted delicious.

Best options for lunch in Venice | Pasticceria Didovich

And if you are wondering if I ate the five meatballs all on my own, the answer is: yes, I did! No guilt at all, but a pleasant feeling of porky goodness.

Best options for lunch in Venice | Pasticceria Didovich

As you can see my dish was really yummy and filling, served with some bread (a type we call rosetta, because it recalls the shape of a rose) and to drinkI just had water. The staff is very professional and polite and, living 3 minutes away, I come here nearly everyday, either for a quick coffee or for a glass of prosecco and a savoury treat before going home in the early evening.

Campo Santa Marina is in the heart of Venice, five minutes from San Bortolo, and I think it's an excellent option for a nice and not too expensive lunch in the city centre. I assure you that the lasagnas are really good and the gnocchi alla romana absolutely mouthwatering.

Best option for lunch in Venice | Pasticceria Didovich

I recommend Pasticceria Didovich to anyone looking for a yummy solution for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Artisanal products prepared daily and served in a quiet and relaxing place.

Trying is believing...

Pastry shop and eatery in Venice | Pasticceria Didovich

Pasticceria Didovich

Address: Sestiere Castello, 5909, 30122 Venezia

Phone: +39 041 523 0017


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