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The Chapel Club new speakeasy & cocktail bar inside a deconsecrated church...

POST UPDATED - July 2018: The club is currently closed.

New York? Nope, Venice! The famous Abbazia della Misericordia is now an exhibition area from 10 AM to 6 PM and from 6 PM on... a super fancy cocktail bar. Actually, to be precise, the bar is located in the side chapel. Quite small, with a soft illumination, designers sofas and arty objects and magazines placed next to the tables.

I had never seen anything like this before and I love it already! The inauguration was last Wednesday, but the managers - Valorizzazioni Culturali - have decided to keep it open only four evenings a week. Being a historical venue, the idea is to maintain it at a very high level and transform it into a sort of cultural salon, with dedicated events featuring music or art performances/talks. After all, The Chapel Club isn't just an ordinary bar...the location itself is extraordinary, plus the atmosphere is more than unique.

Here below you can see the entrance: yes, you access exactly from the (deconsecrated, don't worry!) church's door! Amazing, ah? I'm still impressed ....

Speakeasy and cocktail bar in Venice | The Chapel Lounge

The Church of the Abbey was founded in the 10th century and restored in 1659. It has one nave, an imposing rose window on the outside and a white marble cladding. Fortunately it wasn't destroyed during the Napoleonic wars, but it was left in an awful state. In 1890 it hosted a lazaret, then it returned to being a place of worship until it closed in 1969.

L'Abbazia was re-opened the 9th of May 2015 for an art exhibition called "The Mosque", but the local administration forced its closure only two weeks later... Now it's finally open to the public and we all have the possibility to admire this precious jewel in the Cannaregio district. Thank you guys for this incredible work and the beautiful and very respectful restoration works carried out inside the whole place! Greatly appreciated, really!

Speakeasy and cocktail bar in Venice | The Chapel Lounge

Inside the chapel, there is an altar with golden mosaics, covered with glass objects and I don't know how many fancy ethnic pillows at its feet. The light is perfect and truly enhances the beauty and uniqueness of the location.

The semi-circular wooden counter dominates the space, the barman isn't just any barman, he was formed by Gennaro Florio from the Taverna alla Fenice and his drinks are all prepared with great mastery and passion. We're talking serious cocktails here! No food, just drinks! Which -to me- seems right enough.

Fresh fruit, fresh herbs and quality spirits. Unfortunately I didn't take any picture the day of the opening party, the managers have been so nice to allow me come and take some photos during the day, so I apologise but the illumination isn't exactly the one you'll find when you'll visit the place. Anyway, I hope I've still been able to give you an idea of how nice and special the Chapel Club is.

I adore every piece of furniture and would take home all the sofas and couches ...

Unfortunately I live in a 45 sq m house... so, I suppose I'll just have to come here more often! The tables are lovely too and in the evening the atmosphere is made even more special by the dim light of the candles.

An old broken wooden door is transformed into a decorative object that enriches the wall, creating a really interesting game of shadows... and the magazines and journals are so interesting I could spend the whole afternoon leafing through them.

Speak easy and cocktail bar in Venice | The Chapel Lounge

I have to thank Valorizzazioni Culturali for allowing me come here. And they have been so nice that they even offered me a drink! A nice and fresh gin and tonic with juniper berries! Perfect to cool down, from every point of view! For now the Chapel Club is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 6 PM to 10PM; it will obviously stay open later...but just in case, feel free to write a WhatsApp to the English number you find below! Do visit Chiesetta della Misericordia while in Venice, it's really a more than worthy place! In the meanwhile ... I'm going to relax with my long drink and chat a little more with the managers to learn about their plans. All so very interesting .... Please, find below a reference phone number and email for any further information! And don't worry, I'll keep you posted!


Address: Campo de l'Abbazia, 3549, 30121 Venezia

Phone: +44 7448649927

For further info on opening hours and events contact: production@art-events.it

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