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Hopera Cafe

The other day, when I finished my shopping in Via Garibaldi, I didn't want to go back home immediately. Some computer work was waiting for me and I really needed to oxigenate my brain before dealing with it.

As you know, I am a creature of habits so, of course, I have my usual favourite spots in Via Garibaldi too; but it was still early and what I wanted was not a beer and a savoury treat, but just a coffee! For the first time I went to the Hopera Cafe. It's a chain, so I don't know if you are already familiar with it, but I wasn't and my brief stay was a lovely surprise. Generally, I'm not a big fan of chains, but I have to recognize that this place is really lovely, the staff incredibly kind and the variety of snacks quite interesting!

I sat outside. Hopera Cafe, in fact, offers both indoor and outdoor seating and the small "terrace" outside, "closed" by four small bushes, looks wonderful: the wooden tables and chairs, the small plants and the big glass windows convey a sense of cleanliness, freshness and order.

It was half past nine in the morning, so I just had a nice American coffee with a glass of fresh water (in Italy, American coffee is an espresso served in a big cup with hot water aside). I stayed a while, relaxing and reading my book; nobody hurried me to leave or order something else (Confession: I tend to lose my patience when a waiter asks me more than twice if I'd like something else, after all sometimes I just want to sit down for a short while and chill! That's all!)!

I already had a big breakfast, so I wasn't hungry, but if you crave something sweet, their muffins looked super inviting, especially the chocolate ones! They also offer croissants, other pastries and freshly squeezed juices! This -for me- is great! Finally a place where both Vito's (who would definitely go for something alcoholic) and my (well...healthy stuff) small desires can be fulfilled!

From midday on, the Hopera Cafe also becomes a great option for a budget-yet filling and nice!- lunch in the Biennale area. The internal windows becomes even more rich: an assortment of pizza and savory bites ready to be eaten is added to the morning cake offer.

Wow! I was impressed by the variety of food: besides pizza and sandwiches, you can also order a salad or "create" your main with different things. That day there were chicken wings (1,50 each), baked potatoes, grilled vegetables and a frittata with pasta. I didn't stay long enough to see what else was coming out from the kitchen lab, but I glanced at the menu and saw that there are options to suit all, also vegetarians and vegans.

It's the second time in ten days that I end up enjoying my time in a place I had not considered before, and I'm starting to like this feeling! So, Hopera Cafe is another new place to add to my list and I'll be probably going back today for a spritz with my husband! After all, sometimes (actually, most times) what I am looking for is not a fancy and expensive four-course gourmet meal, but a simple and affordable snack, possibly healthy!

So, if you are visiting the Biennale or find yourself in Via Garibaldi, Hopera cafe is definitely a great option for a comforting and filling lunch on a budget. Highly recommended!

P.S. Free Wifi!

Hopera Cafe

Address: Castello, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1386, 30122 Venezia

Phone: +39 041 520 1130


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