My Sweet Venice: Pasticceria Pitteri

Croissants, commonly called brioches in Italy, are a quintessential staple food here. I just love them and if it weren't that I try to limit myself, I would eat them everyday. As you may know, being quite sensitive when it comes to yeast cakes, I am extremely picky, thus I only eat them in certain places and one of these is Pasticceria Pitteri.

Pastry Shop in Venice | Pasticceria Pitteri

Located in Strada Nuova, Pitteri has some of the most delicious croissants in Venice and when it comes to variety they are definitely unbeatable! Marmalade, jam, cream and chocolate, but not only: a must try is the pistacchio croissant, so good it makes me want to cry, and my husband's favourite is the one with custard and apricot jam...

Pastry Shop in Venice | Pasticceria Pitteri

I don't know how many years the Pitter family has been managing this business, but I remember coming here even when I was at high school (which was a while ago...) and the quality has remained unchanged. The pastry is made daily and their croissants are tasty at any time of the day. Unfortunately, in many places, the morning cakes are nice up to a certain hour and then they lose all their softness and become sometimes dry, sometimes floppy. But here, you can snack on a coffee and croissant even at 5 p.m.!

Pastry Shop in Venice | Pasticceria Pitteri

So far I've been telling you only about Pitteri's croissants, but really, everything is delicious. Looking at their window is a real pleasure, although it makes it difficult to choose! The traditional S-shaped Buranei biscuits are buttery and soft and perfect to dip into a glass of sweet wine or, if you prefer, tea or coffee, the pastries with cream are absolutely mouthwatering and then, a special mention must be made to their traditional cakes.

Pastry Shop in Venice | Pasticceria Pitteri

Many locals order the cake for family or other type of celebrations here and the fact that so many customers are habitués is the proof of the high quality of their products. Mornings are particularly busy here, in town we all know how tasty everything is, but Pitteri works a lot also at lunch and in the afternoon, in fact it's perfect also for a savoury treat and a drink. Vito and I sometimes have a pizzetta with a Campari soda, with two ice cubes and a zest of orange.

There is no seating, but when I used to come here for my lunch break I didn't have much time anyway and the pleasure of feeling the buttery pastry dough melt in my mouth was much greater than the one of sitting down. Plus, I always have many things to do during the day so I generally have my big meal in the evening.

Anyway, if you are thinking about bringing home something traditional for your friends and family, consider buying a box of Baicoli -very dry biscuits originally made for long sea travels, perfect combined with zabaione cream or tiramisù- or an assortment of their artisan Buranei, or one of their dry cakes (I recommend the one with pistacchio and almonds).

Pastry Shop in Venice | Pasticceria Pitteri

Being a big fan of Pasticceria Pitteri, I highly recommend this pastry shop to all those who have a sweet tooth and are truly passionate about desserts and pastries. Both the pastry dough and the different creams are of the finest quality ever and if you don't live here I suggest trying an assortment of things, after all eating is learning and, in my opinion, one should always seize the occasion! So go for it and enjoy!

Pasticceria Pitteri

Address: Sestiere Cannaregio, 3843/A, 30121 Venezia

Phone: 041-5222687