Bellini Cocktail

Bellini cocktail recipe
Bellini cocktail recipe

The most known Venetian drinks made with prosecco are Bellini (made with white peach), Rossini (strawberries ), Puccini (mandarine) and Tintoretto (pomegranate), all invented by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry's Bar, around 1933.

Today we are making Bellini! The peaches are beautiful, ripe and juicy, of a yellowish white with pink streaks.This drink was named after the painter Giovanni Bellini and it is known that it was greatly appreciated, among others) by Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles and Sinclair Lewis.

I like it too and the only Bellini I conceive is with REAL white peaches. Not often, but every once in a while, Vittorio and I go to Caffè Florian in Saint Mark's square and treat ourselves to a cocktail at the bar and I nearly always order a wrong Bellini (wrong because I ask to replace prosecco with an Italian Champenoise).

Today though, I'm using normal prosecco and my advice is that it's better to use a quality prosecco than a cheap Champagne. Believe me, you get a better deal! In my case, the prosecco is Costa di Là, a natural wine about which I told you about some time ago (READ POST).

Anyway, it's a perfect afternoon drink. My aunt drinks a gin&tonic when she irons, so I decided that today I would accompany my house work with a fresh drink too. This is how I made it:



30 ml Prosecco

125 ml white peach nectar


1) Peel and slice the white peaches. Pass them in the mixer and then filter the juice until you obtain a smooth nectar.

2) Put in a mixer, then pour the prosecco. Blend with a stirrer and, if you are using a shaker, apply the strainer and pour directly into the flute.