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Venetian Wanderings | Episode 31: Al Remer

It's funny: the other day I was speaking with my dad about his holiday and he was telling me about the various monuments he had seen when, at a certain point he stopped and looked at me and said "anyway, if you ask me, the best moment was always going to dinner". I laughed, how right he is! After all, nothing compares to feeling relaxed in front of a drink, in good company and, possibly, in a beautiful place.

I have to wait two more weeks before my brief vacation (Naples, can't wait!), but this doesn't mean I can't enjoy a nice drink in a stunning location in my town! It's hot and I want to have my aperitif outdoors, Venice offers many beautiful corners and I'm going to take you to Al Remer, located in Campiello Remer.

This wine bar and restaurant has been open for ages and is currently managed by a friend of mine, an ex neighbour. The interior is really lovely, with red brick walls, a stone well, a fire place and a water door. The dark wood and the reds of the bricks create a warm atmosphere that, in the evening, is enhanced by the soft light of the candles.

Al Remer is not a bar, it's a restaurant, BUT at the happy hour -from 5 to 8 p.m.- they offer a drink and open buffet for a fixed price (I think it's about 8 euros) and drinking outside is simply beautiful. There is no outdoor seating, but there is a small pier on the Grand Canal and from there you can see the Erbaria on the other side and part of the Rialto bridge on your left. At dusk it is simply amazing, the colours of the sky merge into the water, creating bright and shimmering reflexes that add magic to the whole atmosphere and later in the evening, when you can see the stars, well... it's really marvellous.

I have always found this location incredibly charming: the campiello has a well at its centre and there is a beautiful staircase that leads to private houses. The view on the Grand Canal is simply stunning and the interior too is lovely. The marble counter of the bar, the imposing copper coffee machine, the fresh fruit used for the evening drinks and the engraved stone objects, all contribute to making this setting charming and warm.

Now, let's get down to food. If you want to have a proper meal, for lunch you can either order a là carte or a fixed menu (15 euros) which includes one first course, drinks (water and house wine), and open buffet. In the evening the menu is à la carte and is enriched by more dishes, anyway expect traditional food, fresh pasta, fish and meat. Have a look at the wine list and don't be afraid to ask for advice, the staff is extremely helpful and will be happy to assist you.

The price range is medium, the dishes range more or less between 15 and 22 euros each, so let's just say if, like me and my husband, you share a starter, have a main and a dessert each and drink house wine you'll spend about 35 per person, then of course it also depends on what wine you drink Anyway, personally I am happy to spend my money when I enjoy myself and have a good time, so I think it's well worth it!

Whether you choose to come here for a drink or for a meal, I am sure you will love the atmosphere. Highly recommend it!

Al Remer

Address: Sestiere Cannaregio, 5701, 30121 Venezia

Phone: +39 041 522 8789


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