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Bacaro 22: a cozy and brand new eatery in Dorsoduro

Yesterday I was in the Dorsoduro neighbourhood and was going from Ca' Foscari University to Frari when I saw in Calle de la Dona Onesta a brand new and really lovely eatery: Bacaro 22.

This cozy cafeteria opened less than a week ago and is managed by Ruggero, born and raised in Venice, and his wife Daniela, originally from Emilia Romagna, who welcomed me with a great smile!

Eatery and cafeteria in Venice | Bacaro 22

Although in a narrow calle, the big French windows and the disposition of the furniture well illuminate the seating room, so the atmosphere results nice and airy. The eatery is open from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm and it's possible to come here just for a drink or also to eat (at any time of the day).

Eatery and cafeteria in Venice | Bacaro 22

Daniela was very friendly and chatty and told me she bakes the tarts and cakes every day and she was sorry because it was still early and I couldn't see all the other things she was preparing. She also rolls the pasta and prepares the fritters herself and I have to say that the few things I saw did look very inviting.

Ruggero, instead, takes care of the drinks. In order to keep the prices low (1,50 € a glass) without renouncing to quality, they adopt the bag-in-box system, which allows them to save on labelling and packaging and, in addition to this, they also transport the wine themselves. In fact, all wines, cured meats and cheese are produced in the Eastern Veneto.

Eatery and cafeteria in Venice | Bacaro 22

Their coffee too is wonderful! With a beautifully light brown cream that leaves a pleasant after taste in the mouth without setting the teeth on edge. Sometimes coffee leaves me with a feeling of dryness and makes me very thirsty, but this coffee was really perfect. I tasted a piece of tart with plum jam made by Daniela and, wow, it was amazing. I didn't sit down because I was asking them questions and Daniela's bubbly personality had made me fall in love with her, but I will definitely come back with a friend and enjoy a sweet treat sitting in their lovely little side room.

Eatery and cafeteria in Venice | Bacaro 22

The furniture is minimal, with small marble tables, couches, chairs and stools. I understood they are passionate about poetry, in fact the wooden pantry is filled with books and they would love to organise small literary events and, personally, I think this is a lovely idea! I am always happy to see people that feel enthusiastic and put their heart in what they do, so Bacaro 22 will definitely be in my places-to-go-to list.

While I was there other locals passed by and I saw that the neighbours, drinking their spritz, were already habitués, which is a good sign. The best part was, of course, their personality! Anyway, just to give you an idea of what you could eat, the offer is: selections of cured meat and cheese, fried meatballs and fritters, daily made seasonal vegetables and...Daniela's -successful- experiments with pasta.

Eatery and cafeteria in Venice | Bacaro 22

The prices, as already mentioned, are excellent, the offers satisfies both vegetarians and omnivores and the choice to use only local produce is highly admirable. So, if you are in this area, stop by Bacaro 22 for a tea, coffee, wine, spritz or whatever you want, I am sure you will feel at ease and cuddled and will love the homey and warm atmosphere.

Address:Calle della Dona Onesta - Dorsoduro 3928/29, Venezia (VE)

Phone: +39 349 1854743

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