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Dolcevita Cafe in Dorsoduro (Venice)

Hey hey! Dorsoduro has been very busy lately from the point of view of new openings! Less than 2 weeks ago I had written about Bacaro 22, then I saw another new (slightly pricier, but fancy!) pizzeria called Antico Forno in the same street -Calle della Donna Onesta- and then the other day a friend of mine and I noticed a brand new cafeteria just a few steps from Tonolo! Needless to say, we immediately stopped for a coffee.

The cafeteria is called Dolcevita and it opened less than a week ago! As usual, before the poor barman could actually serve me my coffee I had already started asking him questions about their offer and reading the menu (I have a feeling that in Venice people are starting to think of me as the crazy woman that takes pictures of food and asks too many questions!). Anyway, he was very nice and friendly and briefly introduced me their line: coffee, tea, freshly squeezed juices, different options for breakfast, pastries and savoury snacks like toasted sandwiches and salads for lunch.

Caffè Dolcevita | Venice, Italy | Dorsoduro

When we stopped by, it was only their second day and it was mid morning, so not everything was on display. In fact, earlier in the morning their breakfast offer is much richer and also includes fresh fruit salads, several kinds of pastries, yogurt, granola or other types of cereals, while it changes around lunch time. The coffee is very very good (Caffè Venezia quality) and I can tell you because I like it with no sugar, so when it isn't perfect I get a feeling of immediate thirst afterwards, while in this case...it was just right!

Caffè Dolcevita | Venice, Italy | Dorsoduro

The ambient is quite different from the ones I am used to and I don't mind it at all! There is a quite spacious counter, with two big windows: one with all the fresh fruit and vegetable for the juices and the other one -much longer- with the food on offer. When you enter, you will see some lovely and comfortable couches on the left, while along the counter there are some pillows on the window sills and a few higher stools with a small desk at the end of the bar.

Caffè Dolcevita | Venice, Italy | Dorsoduro

I got a nice feeling of cleanliness and order, I haven't had anything to eat yet but what I saw seemed nice and ideal if you are looking for a healthy - but filling- lunch and don't want to spend too much. It was too early to eat, so after the coffee I tried one of their juices. I had white peach nectar (yummy!!!!), sweet and delicious, they also use a lot of celery and ginger (excellent choice!) but my body was craving sugars...and peach juice is something I just can't resist.

Caffè Dolcevita | Venice, Italy | Dorsoduro

Consider that Dolcevita has jus opened, therefore, at the moment, they started with this offer but will enrich it further from September! For now, what I can say is that the welcome was warm and friendly and that I will definitely go back. What interests me most is the breakfast offer and the fresh fruit juices, in fact in Venice breakfast in a bit of an issue, in the sense that we normally just have a quick coffee and a pastry standing, but there are very few places that offer a big healthy breakfast. So finally I can have yogurt, granola, a nice fruit salad and a large coffee sitting down, reading the papers and relaxing! The prices are very fair, you can easily spend less than 10 euros both for breakfast and lunch, which is something that never bothers me!

Caffè Dolcevita | Venice, Italy | Dorsoduro

I am also happy that there is another place that offers healthy options! A rich salad is the ideal lunch in this season, especially if you will be walking around the city in the afternoon or, like me, have to go back to work!

I will update the post in about a month's time, as already mentioned, at the moment they are still studying the situation and getting familiar with the area. In fact, now the opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 8 pm, but probably from September they will stay open also on Sundays. Anyway, according to me...the start was good! So good luck guys!

Caffè Dolcevita | Venice, Italy | Dorsoduro

Dolcevita is the perfect place if you are the type of person that enjoys a big breakfast and a healthy snack and don't want to spend too much, so if you are in the area don't forget to stop by and try it out!


Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 7am - 8pm

Address: Dorsoduro 3955A 3956A, 30123 Venezia (VE)

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