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Last Monday I had a free morning and since the weather was lovely, I decided to go to the Lido for a nice walk on the beach. While on the vaporetto I leafed through my favourite Italian food magazine - La Cucina Italiana - and couldn't help noticing the article on the vegetable gardens in Zitelle (Giudecca, click here to read, only in Italian though). While reading, I got a text from my mum and we arranged to meet for lunch.

Mum suggested going to the Bio Sound System, a vegan and vegetarian bistrot that opened about 3 and half years ago and I hadn't yet tried. I know she likes it because she often goes there for her lunch break and she finds it an excellent option for a budget warm meal that doesn't make you sleep in front of the computer as soon as you get back to work. My brother is quite fond of it too, he mostly enjoys the atmosphere and I can understand why. The owner, Davide, has been working in the F&B industry practically all his life and has a very friendly and kind attitude.

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant in Venice (Italy) | Bio Sound System
Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant in Venice (Italy) | Bio Sound System

The restaurant is very simple, homely and friendly. Located just two minutes from the vaporetto stop, it has both outdoor and indoor seating. The tables and chairs are all of different colours and small details like fresh chilly and basil plants add homeliness to the whole place. You won't be given a paper menu, the daily offer is written on two black boards that Davide carries around the room, each time (I imagine) explaining the same things and answering the same questions about the names of the dishes! I asked him questions too... obviously!

Because we both had to work, we behaved like proper ladies and drank a pot of green tea. We sat inside, although sunny I still prefer to be in a warm room! The walls are made of big bright windows, so there is a lovely light and the feel is extremely easy-going and laid back. Don't imagine a fancy restaurant, Bio Sound System is a very simple and friendly vegan and vegetarian bistrot where you will enjoy a simple meal based on organic ingredients at excellent prices.

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant in Venice (Italy) | Bio Sound System
Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant in Venice (Italy) | Bio Sound System

We went quite early, but I noticed that it soon became full. I learned, in fact, that it is better to book because, being one of the few vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Venice, in addition to the locals it also attracts all the foreigners that want to follow a vegan diet. Anyway, although before stepping in I had told mum I was going to order just one plate because I've been eating a bit too much lately, as soon as we sat down I found myself ordering a chickpea hummus to share before our main... I know, I'm hopeless!

The hummus was nice with the right amount of lemon and served with some kamut crackers and raw carrots. The presentation made me think of the 80s and of what a friend of mine once told me and it made me smile. Anyway, it was good and I really enjoyed it! I continued with a dish called Dahl with basmati rice and a side of lentils and aubergines, again, simple and light, exactly what I wanted. My mum, instead, had a pumpkin, potato and leek flan with a little bit of paprika. Flans are tricky, they look small but are actually quite filling. I had a taste and it was delicious, if I'm not mistaken they buy their vegetables at the Vignole stall like me and I think I have already mentioned how good the pumpkins are, with that particular lagoon flavour due to our salty waters, just excellent.

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant in Venice (Italy) | Bio Sound System
Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant in Venice (Italy) | Bio Sound System

We remained there chatting until it was about time to return to our duties. I like these get-togethers, unfortunately my brother was still at school but if he had been there it would have really been the perfect break. I will definitely go back, in fact I am happy that there is a place where I can enjoy a simple and light meal with vegetables. I will confess that eating out so much, sometimes what I want is just some simple, homemade and light food. Furthermore, I found that the value for money was very good (we spent 15 euros each), which is never a bad thing!

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant in Venice (Italy) | Bio Sound System

So, if you decide to spend a day on the Lido, Bio Sound System is a another good option to consider, especially if you enjoy veggies and a chilled and easy atmosphere. After lunch, wander about the Lido, discover our beach or stop in one of our delicious pastry and ice-cream shops. As you know, I love this little island and I find it beautiful in every season.

Bio Sound System

Address: Via Doge Michiel, 2/c, 30100 Lido VE

Phone: (+39) 340 899 2429

Closed on Tuesday

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