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Venice 2018 Visual Storytelling - Photography Workshop: "On the footsteps of Tintoretto"

A one-day visual storytelling and photography workshop in Venice that combines outdoor and indoor shooting, the development of storytelling skills and an in-depth focus on some selected works by Tintoretto.


From March 2018 to March 2019, Venice celebrates the 500th anniversary of the birth of Jacopo Tintoretto, one of the most productive Venetian painters of the XVI century. On such occasion, in collaboration with ArsCulture, non-profit organisation, Art-Events, specialised in the organisation of cultural and corporate events, and Bottega del Tintoretto, we have designed a one-day visual storytelling – photography workshop in the footsteps of Tintoretto, which will take place in Cannaregio Saturday 17th of March and on the to 5th of April.

The workshop is aimed at developing your visual storytelling skills through an unconventional experience that combines indoor and outdoor photo shooting, the styling of a set and an in-depth focus on Tintoretto.

All participants will receive a printed document with the list of churches with works by Tintoretto and a map of the city.


Focus on Tintoretto | Before starting our exploration through the Cannaregio district, we will meet at the Archives and, in front of a cup of coffee and some biscuits, you will be introduced to the figure of Jacopo Tintoretto, his life and some selected works. We will also reflect on how to develop a visual story and combine narrative elements that connect past and present.

Live Storytelling | Together we will craft beautifully designed stories that will highlight your experience and help you improve your craft through original and unique images that have something to say.

Outdoor Shooting | While walking through the area of Misericordia and Madonna dell'Orto, I will help you see and connect the different narrative details, find the best viewpoints and help you with your camera settings. I will take the time to individually assist you with composition, light and element discovery.

A Visit to the Bottega del Tintoretto | Indoor photo shooting in the original bottega where Tintoretto used to live and work, now very active screen printing laboratory and school.

Lunch break at Antica Adelaide | A traditional lunch in a nearby osteria where we will share some mixed fish starters, a first course, water and wine.

Still Life Photography Shooting | After lunch we will return to the Archives, analyse some selected works by the painter, reflect on light and composition and learn how to style a set.


The Misericordia Archives (see website) | Located in a suggestive and strategic position, just next to the Misericordia Abbey, the archives were recently restored and turned into fascinating multi-functional spaces, with a post-industrial twist, finished with wooden details, rough plaster walls, and concrete floor.

Bottega del Tintoretto (see website) | Located in F.ta dei Mori, the school is a very active screen printing lab opened since 1986. An intriguing venue where the spirit of the past is conserved through contemporary activities that involve the city and its inhabitants.


Anyone passionate about photography, art history and Venice.

Skill Requirements | Photographers of all levels are welcome to participate in the workshop.

Advanced photographers will be encouraged to focus on composition, lighting and personal style development, while pre-intermediate/intermediate level photographers will be instructed mainly on getting the most from their camera settings and mechanics.



March 17 + April 5, 2018


minimum 6- maximum 8


Printed list of churches with works by Tintoretto

Map of the city ArsCulture Membership

Coffee and biscuits

Lunch at Antica Adelaide

Private Instructor


DSLR or mirrorless camera with lens

Spare (and fully charged) battery

Spare memory card

Lens cleaning cloth

Tripod (optional)

COST 210.00 euros per person Advanced payment required through PayPal or Bank Transfer Cancellation Policy: Not refundable. In case of event cancellation, you will be fully reimbursed.


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