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Discovering a new ceramic shop in Via Garibaldi and rummaging at the Sensa market in Lido

What a relaxing Saturday we had! Vito had suggested to go to San Nicolò in Lido to have a look at the yearly charity market organised on the occasion of the Festa della Sensa (which is being celebrated today) and, obviously, I couldn't say no. It doesn't happen everyday that your husband offers to go shopping and the idea of all the beautiful props I could find was just too tempting!

Although he was still unaware of it, I had also planned to stop by another shop in Via Garibaldi, a brand new boutique and lab just opened by two women artisans. We left the house at around 10, bought the papers and sat in a coffee bar for a slow-paced second breakfast, then we walked along Riva degli Schiavoni and turned in Via Garibaldi. The shop is located at the end of the street, just after the restaurant Trattoria alla Rampa and the pastry shop. It opened Wednesday and the artisans are called Alessandra Gardin and Daniela Levera.

Alessandra works glass (lamp work) and makes beautiful contemporary jewellery (if you're curious about her work, her website is www.kirumakata.com), while Daniela is a young and incredibly talented ceramist originally from Chile (www.mantaris.com). Well, for me it was love at first sight, with both of them.

When we arrived Saturday morning there was Daniela, who welcomed us with a warm smile. I had gone with the intention of buying a set of three small bright porcelain bowls, but while there I started feeling undecided. I wanted everything: the cups, the bowls, the teapots, the vases... and in all the colours and techniques. She encouraged me to touch the different pieces, so to feel the difference, making my indecision worse than before. Anyway, in the end I did bring home what I had gone for (and ordered something else too!).

She was really really nice! Her production is warm, minimalist and contemporary all at the same time and when I met her I could recognise her ways in her objects. I appreciated the feel of the shop in general, very clean and bright, with red brick walls, a beautiful mirror, some plants hanging from the ceiling and their production elegantly showcased on simple wooden shelves. I had met Alessandra the previous afternoon and I have to say that both of them conveyed joy and passion for their work and a lot of enthusiasm, in short: the sort of people we'd need more of, positive and communicative! (Shop Address: Castello, Fondamenta Sant'Anna 998).

Plus, neither of them was born in Venice, they both voluntarily and rationally decided to move to the lagoon and have lived here ever since, proving enormous love for my city. It may sound silly, but to me this makes them even more special!

Anyway, after our morning chats and my spending money, we took a vaporetto and reached the Lido. As usual we had a quick lunch at Bio Sound System and then went straight to the flea market. At Davide's place we ate outside for the first time this year, finally!

We shared an artichoke salad with the local botoi from Sant'Erasmo (today there was the annual Sagra), then I had falafels with carrots, hummus and tzatziki and Vito an asparagus and parmesan flan. Needless to say, it was delicious. If you go try the craft beer, it's produced on the island and bottled just outside Treviso and I find it really refreshing and light.

After lunch we walked along Riviera San Nicolò. The sun was shining and it was incredibly hot! From the top of the bridge we were able to spot the stalls. The market was bigger than what I had expected, with stalls of all sorts.

Vito and I immediately separated, he went to taste the olive oil produced by the cooperative Vetralla first and then to rummage second hand books, while I was in search of vintage dishes, cutlery and things like that. A real flea market, where one can find incredible objects at dirt cheap prices. Amazing! And if you are wondering if I spent money, the answer is YES, of course I did, with only 16 euros I managed to bring home some lovely pieces (soon featured!).

From there we took the inner street and stopped for a drink at Pedrocchi, one of the three kiosks in Piazzale Ravà. From spring to autumn, this square becomes animated with people from morning to late at night (so many memories!). Close by, just before the entrance to the San Nicolò free beach, there is a disco-pub called Pachuka, where in 2003 I saw Jah Shaka and Dj Spinna! It was so cool! The event had been organised by Red Bull and only years later I found out that Vito, my husband, was part of the team. How weird!

Anyway, do go if you have the chance, it's a perfect way to enjoy a summer night in Venice! Food, music, people and the sea... what else should we need? This very Saturday we remained at home (Inter was playing), but I promise that over the summer I'll try to provide you with a visual reportage of how much fun the Lido can be after 10 pm!

Hope you had a nice weekend too. Cheers and talk to you soon!

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