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Madonna and Sleeping Child

Merry Christmas from Venice!

Venice Italy Blog - Photography and Art

Dear Friends,

another year has flown by so fast and here we are already getting ready for Christmas and a New Year. I wanted to wish you, your families and friends the happiest of times and in doing so I thought I'd share some artistic highlights that I am sure will bring you joy.

Venice Italy Blog - Photography and Art

Venice is looking marvelous as always, the light in this season is my favorite, made up of soft hues and pastel tones. It is the perfect time to enjoy short walks along the 'riva', offering its known but never tiring views, and alternating them with stops for teas and coffees or anything hot and visits to museums. Art is always the best gift and among all things, this 18th December the Gallerie dell'Accademia has welcomed a loan from the Sorlini Collection; I am speaking about the Madonna with Sleeping Child, in Italy called Madonna in Rosso (Madonna in Red) by Giovanni Bellini. An early work of the painter, in which he shows that he has finally moved from the influence of his brother-in-law Andrea Mantegna, towards forms and volumes directed by color.

Like all the paintings of this genre, realized for private devotion, there is a sense of melancholy, because we know what will happen. But we also know that in the end there will be a re-birth and anyway, the tenderness of the gaze of the Madonna and her masterfully designed traits also convey a feeling of infinite beauty and inner peace. The baby feels human and in the background we can all recognize the unmistakable Venetian sky.

Giovanni Bellini, Madonna in Rosso - Madonna and Sleeping Child
Giovanni Bellini, Madonna in Rosso - Madonna and Sleeping Child

On display until the 7th of April, I do recommend stopping for a visit. Located in Room 5, it is surrounded by other works by this incredible artist, thus the surrounding together with the lighting and silence will make the viewing of this masterpiece magical.

This is all from me for now, I will be in touch in 2024.

Meanwhile... let me wish you again a MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR.



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