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Vegan Cereal, Nuts, and Strawberry Cookies

Vegan Cereal, Nuts, and Strawberry Cookies

Vegan Cereal, Nuts, and Strawberry Cookies

What wonderful days we are having. The sun has become warmer and I take every occasion to enjoy it. Some days, I think I'm really taking after my father, who regularly meets his friends around San Marco and together they go for long walks from Riva degli Schiavoni up to Sant' Elena, and back. I do it too, and I've nicknamed this 'the cold months itinerary', rigorously under the sun.

Right now the city is still quiet, and the temperature perfect. With Vito, lately, the walks are shorter. If we aren't planning on doing anything 'special', we go towards Arsenale and get an ice-cream at Il Pinguino, seated on the stone bench facing the Bacino San Marco, or explore our hood and the Piazza.

Vegan Cereal, Nuts, and Strawberry Cookies
Vegan Cereal, Nuts, and Strawberry Cookies

With less activities open, we have been entertaining ourselves with the surrounding architectures. In San Marco it is fun to look at all the different faces, animals, produce, and stories on the capitals of the marble columns of the Doge's Palace. Whereas, with regard to the arches that run along the Biblioteca Marciana and Procuratie Nuove, we have only started... and it is a mission that will require a lot of time.

This week there are the first shy re-openings: Palazzo Ducale and Museo Correr are open, and other museums will open during the weekend (visit the MUVE website for details on the opening days and hours). Bars and restaurant can serve only outdoors, and the curfew is still at 10 pm. The government is discussing some changes, but I think it'd be pointless to mention them, as today's decisions could change again tomorrow... anyway, I am delighted about these first signs of life and I can't wait this Saturday to go to Ca' Pesaro, which has been closed for way too long.

Vegan Cereal, Nuts, and Strawberry Cookies
San Marco | Venice - Venezia

As for the recipe, it's a sort of healthy revisitation of oatmeal cookies. I bought most of the ingredients from a lovely little specialty store in Barbarie de le Tole called RIMANI, which opened a short while ago. It's managed by two girls and there are several kinds of flours, cereals, teas, nuts, pulses, soaps, and more, all organic and plastic-free, a positive addition to my city.

The cookies were delicious... I confess we ate them all the same afternoon while watching Mad Men on the computer 🙈🙈🙈 Definitely my sort of food, easy to make and with simple evreyday ingredients. The look is a bit rustic, but after all... nobody's perfect!

Talk soon!

Vegan Cereal, Nuts, and Strawberry Cookies
Vegan Cereal, Nuts, and Strawberry Cookies



Ingredients for about 20/22 cookies:

50 gr all purpose flour

20 gr oat flour

150 gr mixed cereals

80/100 gr sugar (depending on how sweet you want them)

1 teaspoon baking powder

a pinch of salt

50 ml olive or seed oil

60 gr roughly ground hazelnuts and almonds

60 gr apple puree

50 gr chocolate chips

50 gr finely chopped strawberries


1) Core an apple and blend until nice and smooth. You can leave the skin if you like. Work with sugar and oil and keep aside.

2) Put the cereals into a mixer and grind just a little bit. Pour them into a bowl and combine with the flours and baking powder. Add the liquid and amalgamate with a wooden spoon.

3) Add the almond and hazelnut mix, stir, then add the chocolate chips, and only at the end the strawberries.

4) Pre-heat the oven at 180°. Grease a sheet of parchment paper and spoon into a cookie cutter a little bit of dough. Press gently with your hands, wet them slightly if needed, remove the cutter and repeat until the dough is finished.

5) Bake for about 15/18 minutes.

Vegan Cereal, Nuts, and Strawberry Cookies


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