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In the same way that we need quality ingredients to make a tasty dish, we photographers involved in the food industry, definitely need quality props and backdrops to convey the right atmosphere and enhance the food we are preparing. I am not one of those who believes it is necessary to go bankrupt to create a unique prop collection, personally I like to practice a mix and match: I love to rummage at flea markets (and do not disdain bargain stores like The Flying Tiger at all), as much as I enjoy meeting artisans and collecting unique handmade pieces. Besides, what makes working with artisans so great, is that most of them will take custom orders (and you are supporting small businesses) and each piece is different!


The size and variety of your collection depends mostly on your needs. I have a wardrobe full of props, but in the end, at least for my blog, I end up choosing always the same! Objects and backdrops must highlight the food and help us tell our story and choose our mood. Also, I found that the brands that contact you for collaborations choose you exactly for your personal style, so... go for it and always stay true to yourself!!!


I am often complimented for my pieces, especially the ceramics, so I decided to share my favourites with you. I've included only those who have an online store, Hope you will find it useful and will keep adding more! (I am also encouraging other potters I work a lot with, like Giuliana Rolli, to open an online shop... patient!)


  • Ceramics:

Please consider that potters are artisans and rarely enjoy working on their website... I always recommend to follow them on social media to see their most recent work and to write them directly! They shall be happy to provide you with all the info you need.


ADL Ceramics: Daniela Levera is a Chilean potter based in Venice. She is the president of the local potter association Bochaleri and I met her about three years ago in the small shop she shares with glass jewellery artist Alessandra Gardin at the end of Via Garibaldi. Here the links to her Etsy Shop and Instagram.


VS Ceramics: Valentina Stocco is a Venetian potter and artist who studied for a long period in London and has recently returned to the lagoon. I absolutely love her pieces, refined and minimal. You can view some of her work on her Etsy Shop and Instagram page.


Primo Fuoco Ceramiche: I discovered Massimo's work only a few weeks ago through social media and I'm in love with it... Here the links to his Website and Instagram


Ducotedelacote: Esty shop managed by Olivia. Here you can find not only beautiful terracotta plates and bowls, but also many other metal and vintage props and beautiful baskets.

Kokoro Studio Ceramics: another beautiful discovery I made on Etsy! Amazing plates, bowls, pitchers, ad vases...

1220 Ceramic Studio (extra EU - Israel, so pay attention to extra custom costs): the pieces I bought from this shop are among the ones I use the most. Minimal, refined and resistant. Wonderful.

  • Wood Objects:

VUD Design: stunning wooden cutting boards, trays and pieces of furniture for the house.

Humi Lab: beautiful handmade wooden objects by Venetian designer Orsetta Rocchetto. I adore her chopping boards called 'Maltagliati' made with olive wood and her ceramic cups. Soon another series of cutting boards called 'Castraure' will be available. Orsetta lives between Venice and Lazio, where she is surrounded by olive trees. If not available on the online shop, it is possible to order the items simply sending a direct email to Meanwhile, have a look at her Instagram page and website.

  • Linens:

Linen Bloom: great quality linens for the table (also adore her scarves!!!) from Lithuania. 

notPERFECTLINEN: amazing quality aprons and table linens from Lithuania. Just keep in mind that before the shipping, you can wait up to 6 weeks... s if you decide to buy, you may want to consider to order more pieces.

Wonder Linen: another Lithuanian supplier offering great quality aprons and table linens. Orders ship within 3 days ;-)

Hue Table Stories: another recent discovery made thanks to Instagram. Beautiful hand dyed natural linens for the kitchen.

Butlers: more affordable -yet very good quality- linens. This is a bigger store that I discovered during one of my Dublin visits, offering a variety of homewares. 

  • Backdrops for Food Photography:

I don't know about you... but I am a city girl and live in a tiny 45 square meter apartment, thus I greatly rely on high quality backdrops for my set-ups. When it comes to backdrops, my priorities are: weight, they must be as light as possible, space, in the sense that they need to occupy as little space as possible, and effect, thus they must look real.


- Club Backdrops: a Scotland based small business that ships worldwide. They offer a wide range of products, in two sizes, and can also realise fully customised photography backgrounds. I am using their backdrops so much, that if you want, you can use the promo code: FROMLANICO to get a 15% discount.

- For real wood loversinstead, I recommend Italy based Texturit and Phototable.

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