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Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

My name is Nicoletta and I was born in 1987 on a small island of the lagoon called Lido. Having an Irish mother and a Venetian

father, I grew up between two countries, developing a strong passion for all things food and all things art.


During my university years I worked in a gourmet wine-bar in Rialto to finance my studies and that's when my curiosity towards the food world exploded. Since then, widening my culinary horizons has become a sort of mission and, after graduating in Conservation of the Cultural Heritage, I have continued being involved the industry, combining my main passions whenever I could: food, photography and storytelling.

After a series of travels and work experiences abroad, I permanently settled in the lagoon and got married to a Venetian. Currently I work as freelance photographer (see portfolio) and occasionally collaborate in cooking classes and workshops.

I'm  always curious to learn about new projects, if interested in a collaboration, please send me an email at naturallyepicurean@gmail.com .


Naturally Epicurean is a personal blog about food, travel and life in Venice. 


Here you will find easy recipes with short lists of ingredients, food and travel stories and lots restaurant reviews.

Have a look at my Epicurean wanderings section and at My Venice Food Guide to learn more!


I try to post about once a week, if my schedule is really busy then it will be twice a month...


In my blog I only write about the places I like and I always pay for my meal. 

Obviously, I have my personal tastes and not everyone will agree with me on everything, but I would like to keep the blog a friendly and fun space, therefore if you would like to complaint about the restaurants/eateries/cafeterias I've been to, please write directly to them. 


I use a Canon Eos M50 with a 15/45 mm lens and prefer to shoot in natural light.


If I had to choose a word to define my diet it would be flexitarian: I don't exclude any ingredient, but my everyday cooking revolves around grains and greens. 

I believe that ingredients are key and cooking starts at the market. Often I don't cook, I simply assemble delicious ingredients!  ​

I like: the taste of real food 

I don't like: added sugars and chemicals​



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