2017 Venice Restaurants Reviewed: the good, the bad and the ugly

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So, here we are, the new year is just round the corner, anxiously awaiting us, but before delving into 2018 I want to stop for a moment, look back at my foodie experiences (in the blog named Venetian wanderings) and share with you my top 10 favourite Venetian eateries and restaurants in 2017, some brand new some well known.

The criteria used are:

1) places where you can sit down and have an actual meal, maybe small but still a proper lunch/dinner (if interested only in cicheti standing, read my Venetian cicheti and street food post).

2) places where the food is healthy (not in the sense of dieting, but in the sense of ingredient sourcing)

3) places where the food is tasty and that don't leave me hungry! Please note: the following restaurants/eateries are listed in no particular order

Venice Restaurants Reviewed: the good, the bad and the ugly
Venice Restaurants Reviewed: the good, the bad and the ugly

UNDER 20/25 € EACH

Cantina Arnaldi (wine bar-lunch/dinner)

Address: Santa Croce, 35, 30135 Venice

Phone: +39 041 718989


Definitely one of my favourite wine bars in Venice. The wine by the glass offered changes regularly, the cheese and cured meats are of more than excellent quality (with no added additives, preservatives or whatsoever) and the warm dishes are delicious. Friendly and casual atmosphere. Highly recommended. My Review

Adriatico Mar (wine bar-lunch/dinner)

Address: Dorsoduro 3771, Calle Crosera, 30125 Venezia VE

Phone: +39 041 476 4322 Map

Just a few minutes from the above mentioned Cantina Arnaldi, there is Adriatico Mar. This small wine bar offers cured meats, selections of cheese, fresh vegetables and couscous salads, the ingredients are organic, the wine natural and the owners lovely. Personally, I like going there for lunch, when it's quieter and Siria makes every dish more beautiful adding herbs and edible flowers. The clientele in general is very nice, lovely place with lovely people.

My review

Caco Nero (eatery)

Address: Fondamenta Barbarigo, 2344 Dorsuduro 30123 Venezia - Italy Phone: +39 0415246042 Map

Located in a quiet area, Caco Nero is the perfect place if you seek relaxation, good food, a casual -yet arty- atmosphere. It's possible to have just teas and coffees, which you will want to accompany with their homemade cakes and savoury breads, or to have lunch and an early dinner. The menu is short, with seasonal ingredients and changes daily. Love it! My review

Shiraz (wine and cocktail bar/small restaurant)

Address: Santa Croce, Calle della Regina 2259A, 30135 Venezia VE

Phone: +39 041 5243858


While the above mentioned are a bit out of reach, Shiraz is located at not even 5 minutes from Rialto and is an excellent option for a quality budget meal. It opened a few months ago, love the restoration and the small details like the Rubelli fabrics and the chandeliers, the staff is young and friendly and the food good, especially the burgers (but don't worry, there are options for vegetarians too!).

My review

Fiumefreddo Bio (vegetarian eatery)

Address: Campo drio la Chiesa, Cannaregio 3012, Venezia

Phone: +39 041 528 9015


Super cosy vegetarian eatery (open from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm) serving mouthwatering food cooked with love by Sarina. Very small, very warm and very welcoming, the food is organic, the offer creative and very flavoursome and from spring to late autumn it's possible to sit outside in the beautiful campo with pastel colours. Highly recommended.

My review

- For more ideas, please refer to my quality budget eats in Venice post


Venice Restaurants Reviewed: the good, the bad and the ugly
Venice Restaurants Reviewed: the good, the bad and the ugly
Osteria alla Frasca | Venice Italy

Anice Stellato (restaurant)

Address: Cannaregio, Fondamenta de la Sensa, 3272, 30100 Venezia VE Phone: +39 041 720744


This restaurant has recently changed management and I have to say that the food is absolutely to die for. A short seasonal menu, great attention to ingredient sourcing, well thought combinations and a very interesting wine list. The atmosphere is friendly, yet professional, the ambience warm and the dishes beautiful, the presentations will undoubtedly impress you! My Review