Vegan restaurants and eateries in Venice Italy

Today’s post is dedicated to vegans. An ever-growing number of people on the planet is opting for a vegan diet and one of the biggest issues they encounter when traveling is finding vegan friendly eateries and restaurants, so I decided to gather a number of vegan-friendly options in Venice and organise them by district (sestiere in Venice), in a way that you can easily plan your day and avoid running from one part of the city to the other just to enjoy a meal!

I will immediately say that compared to cities like Rome and Milan, Venice does offer many options for vegetarians (see my vegetarians in Venice post) but, when it comes to vegan... well, there is much less choice. In fact, although in Italy vegetables and grains are widely used, I also understand that the “hidden ingredients” factor has its importance and that one can feel embarrassed to ask about the ingredients of every dish, so I hope that this post will make planning your meals in Venice a little bit easier. Eating should be fun and never become a stressful experience and just because you are vegan it doesn't mean you should starve or end up eating only side dishes or -quite sad and uncreative- salads!


Vegan restaurants and eateries in Venice - Italy | Alajmo AMO


Address: S. Marco, 5556, 30100 Venezia VE - map Phone: +39 041 241 2823

Lunch + Dinner / Medium price range

Alajmo is definitely the best option for a quality vegan meal in this district. The menu offers a whole section dedicated to veggies with inviting dishes like avocado carpaccio with cilantro and white balsamic condiment, vegetable tartare with crispy black rice focaccia, gourmet pizzas and more and –only for lunch- it’s possible to have a large vegan salad (9,50 €). The restaurant is located inside the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, the atmosphere is fancy and modern and the service attentive. Great attention to ingredient sourcing, creative menus with vegetarian options that can be easily veganised. A must try is the vegan mayo, delicious! (see online menu).

Da Mario alla Fava

Address: Calle dei Stagneri O de la Fava, 5242, 30124 Venezia VE - map Phone: +39 041 528 5147 High-end restaurant offering a gourmet vegan menu. Haven't tried it myself, but I read several reviews on the HappyCow which suggest the food is really delicious, but the prices very expensive. I passed to take a picture of their menu, so I can tell you that all vegan starters cost 17 euros, all first courses 18 and to this you must add 4 euros of "coperto" + 12% service, which makes it a bit over budget for me. If you decide to try it, make it your fancy treat meal and be prepared to spend. The ambience is very elegant, with white tablecloths and waiters in livery.


Vegan restaurants and eateries in Venice - Italy | Frary's
Vegan restaurants and eateries in Venice - Italy | Frary's


Address: San Polo, Fondamenta Frari, 2558, 30125 Venezia VE - map

Phone: +39 041 720050

Lunch + Dinner / Medium price range

Frary’s is a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant where it’s always possible to find options for vegans, which usually include some spreads like chickpea hummus or their must have carrot and ginger sauce, couscous, rice or bulgur with vegetables, a vegan version of the moussaka and other seasonal side dishes. I find this place very friendly and warm and particularly appreciate the simple and easy-going atmosphere. Plus, you won’t leave feeling starving!!!

Caffè Vergnano

Address: San Polo 129, 30125 Venezia (VE) - map

Phone: +39 041 2770948 Lovely cafeteria located under the porticos in Rialto Erbaria offering a selection of vegan dishes like: lasagna with vegetables, warm couscous salad, falafels with hummus and grilled veg, warm quinoa salad and the rainbow salad with avocado, rocket salad, red onions, carrots and black olives. All dishes are 12.00 euros, thus if you add a drink consider you'll spend between 15/20 per person, which I think is good value if you consider the location: overlooking the Grand Canal on one side and Campo San Giacometto on the other.



Address: Lista Vecchia dei bari 1165, 30123, Venezia


Facebook page

This is a really lovely farmer market that takes place every Thursday evening from 6 to 10 pm. Not only do these young fellows offer fresh local produce to buy, they also cook. I suggest contacting them via email or send them a message through their Facebook page if you wish to eat at their stall. Excellent prices and really tasty and flavoursome food. A particular and definitely alternative meal in Venice! Highly recommended!


Tecia Vegana

Address: Dorsoduro, 2104, 30123 Venezia VE - map

Phone: +39 041 524 6244

The only 100% vegan restaurant in Venice. Located quite far from the centre this very friendly place is definitely worth a visit. Simple and easy going atmosphere and lots of creative dishes at extremely affordable prices. They became known for their aubergines in saor, but I also suggest trying the first courses (especially anything that comes with the rocket salad pesto) and the chocolate desserts! Generous portions too!

Caco Nero

Address: Dorsoduro, 2344, 30123 Venezia VE - map

Phone: +39 041 524 6042

Lunch + Snacks

Not vegan, but vegan-friendly. This trendy and easy-going eatery and cafeteria offers a short (synonym of fresh!) list of daily made dishes that always include lots of veggies. They have options for vegans but, anyway, everything is made at the moment thus you can always ask to remove or replace some ingredients.

Orient Experience

Address: Dorsoduro 2920, 30121 Venezia, Italia+39 041 520 0217 - map

Phone: +39 041 822 4337

Lunch + Dinner / Budget eats

Ethnic restaurant offering lots of options for vegans like hummus, main courses with grains, veggies and nuts, a couple of soups and lots of salads. Excellent prices and chilled and friendly atmosphere. This restaurant (like the one in Cannaregio) are managed by an Afghan who has become well-known and quite loved in Venice because he hires immigrants in need of help with documents, language and integration! Highly highly highly recommended.