Venice Quality Shopping Guide 2019

Venice Italy Quality Shopping Guide

This post is dedicated to my favourite shops in Venice. I have carefully selected the craftsmen and/or resellers that I consider the most virtuous and guarantee high quality products, all rigorously made in Italy and often handcrafted. The lists follows my personal tastes and likings, therefore I do not want to present it as an omni-comprehensive guide of all the good there is in Venice, but rather as a personal selection of some of the best contemporary housewares, jewellery, clothing and book stores we have.


Ai Bochaleri | Ceramics | Venice Italy Quality Shopping Guide
ADL Ceramics | Venice Italy Quality Shopping Guide

Castello 998 (map) | Castello - Fondamenta Sant'Anna 998

Small shop located in Castello co-managed by glass artist Alessandra Gardin and potter Daniela Levera. Here you will find elegant and contemporary jewellery with glass beads and mixed media and refined ceramic jars, vases, cups and bowls, all characterised by a warm and cosy feel.

Ai Bochaleri (website) | Castello - Viale Garibaldi 1257

Open to the public only on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am. to 5 pm, this is the local association of Venetian potters. During the week it is possible to attend introductory and/or advanced workshops, whereas at the weekend the potters showcase their beautiful productions in the garden. I highly recommend stopping by, as the place itself is magical and the items absolutely stunning.

Sunset Yogurt (website) | Castello - F.ta San Gioacchin 494/A

Not an ordinary shop, this contemporary glass jewellery gallery is run by Cosima Montavoci, Venetian artist recently returned to the lagoon. The atelier is open by appointment only (don't hesitate to contact her) and for the launch of new collections and art performance or events. Please browse through her website, as her production is varied and quite diversified, ranging from beautifully designed body parts (on show at the Milano Fashion Week) to elegant and timeless pieces in mixed medias.

Sunset Yogurt | Glass Jewellery | Venice Italy Quality Shopping Guide
Sunset Yogurt | Glass Jewellery | Venice Italy Quality Shopping Guide
Sunset Yogurt | Glass Jewellery | Venice Italy Quality Shopping Guide

Atelier Alessandro Merlin (website) | Castello - Calle del Pestrin 3876

Talented potter Alessandro Merlin creates unique pieces with a quite recognisable style. Cups, ovals and dishes of all sizes, hand-decorated with stylised figures of crabs, octopus, fish and human body parts. Witty, imaginative and elegant.

Chimera (website) | Castello - Salizada dei Greci 3459

Potter Ilaria Rigoni gives shape to bright and colourful objects for the house, all characterised by a shiny, vibrant and joyful feel. In addition to her stunning ceramics, you will also find bookmarks and small prints with stylised drawings of Venetian monuments and places and lovely bags for women.

Banco Lotto n° 10 (Facebook) | Castello - Salizada Sant'Antonin 3478

One of my favourite stores in Venice, offering dresses and accessories which are handmade by the female prisoners of the jail in Giudecca. The dresses have tight corsets and balloon skirts, then I also love the silk tops and the bags in different fabrics, shapes and size, ideal both for special occasions and for an everyday use.

Arzanart (website) | Barbaria de le Tole 6479A

A lovely marbled paper studio, which opened about a year ago and where you will probably see either Federico or Isabella at work. Here you can find handcrafted marbled paper sheets, panels, diaries, agendas, objects for the house and office and really cute jewellery.


Materiamente | Home design and jewellery | Venice Italy Quality Shopping Guide
Materiamente | Home design and jewellery | Venice Italy Quality Shopping Guide
Materiamente | Home design and jewellery | Venice Italy Quality Shopping Guide

Materialmente (website) | Merceria San Salvador 4850

Tiny yet amazing atelier of unique and imaginative objects for the house in handcrafted steel. The artists behind these creations are called Maddalena Venier and Alessandro Salvadori, who share a workshop on the island of Giudecca and give shape to almost indescribable universes populated by whales, birds, cats, leaves, petals, boats, ships and more. In addition to the refined and feather-weight sculptures, I strongly suggest to look at the jewellery, light and contemporary, and the lamps. Highly recommended!

Pelletteria Pagan (map) | Piazza San Marco 54 & Calle della Mandola 3648

This is the place to go if you are looking for high quality Made-in-Italy leather goods. Bags, belts and accessories in different skins, all realised by small Italian manufactures. I would also advise to st