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Blended apples and chestnut cake

Blended apple and chestnut cake

Blended apple and chestnut cake

Not many words in today's post, but a simple recipe I make quite often: a blended apple cake, in this version with a little bit of chestnut flour. I found the recipe on Chiara Passion's blog and have made it several times with some variations, like reducing the amount of sugar or blending the 00 flour with spelt (50%) or almond/chestnut flour(20/30%), and it has always worked.

Choose organic apples, so you can blend them with the skin, which will also help making the cake last and stay nice and moist for a couple of days. We like to have it for breakfast or afternoon snack, and my favourite add-in is my homemade granola, which adds a bit of crunchiness. As topping, a little bit of icing sugar will do. Hope you will like it ;)

Blended apple and chestnut cake
Blended apple and chestnut cake
Blended apple and chestnut cake


Ingredients: 2 organic apples

160 ml seed oil

3 eggs room temperature

150 gr brown sugar

200 gr 00 flour

50 gr chestnut flour

16 gr baking powder

a pinch of salt

Method: 1. Pre-heat oven at 180° 2. Wash and core the apples. Chop roughly and put into a bowl with the oil. Blend well and keep aside.

3. Beat eggs and sugar (I use an electric hand whisk) for a couple of minutes, add the blended apples, combine, then slowly add the previously sifted flour, baking powder and salt. Mix well, until the batter is nice and smooth. If you wish, you can add chocolate chips/granola/or whatever you prefer.

4. Pour the mixture into a buttered and floured cake tin and bake for about 35-40 minutes.

5. When ready, let cool 5 minutes before removing from tin.

Excellent served warm with some vanilla ice-cream on the side or just as it is with a nice cup of coffee

blended apples and chestnut cake

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01 nov. 2022

I would like to try this recipe. Can you tell me if I should cook the apples first, before blending?

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