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Chewy and Crunchy Oat Cookies Recipe

My favorite homemade cookies...

Chewy and Crunchy Oat Cookies Recipe
Chewy and Crunchy Oat Cookies Recipe

Creativity. Many people think it is linked to inspiration, but there is nothing more wrong than that. I believe it is closely linked to practice. A long time ago I was speaking with a Venetian writer, a friend of my husband, and he told me that everyday he sits in front of the computer and writes, or tries to write. He doesn't achieve his goals every time, but it is the ongoing practice and diligence that brings him inspiration.

I agree with him. It is a matter of consistency, practice, will and love. Inspiration never comes by chance... it is us who make it happen.

Chewy and Crunchy Oat Cookies Recipe
Chewy and Crunchy Oat Cookies Recipe

I take photos every single day, or almost. But this year I have to admit that my writing skills, at least the ones related to my personal blog... well, I haven't been putting them into practice. For many months I helped some clients in creating content, both images and words... and that totally drained me. Anyhow, for my personal wellbeing, I cut most of this type work out (and most of these clients too 😂 😂 😂 ) and only accept photography jobs! Fortunately, from this point of view, so far it has been a fantastic year and I hope with all my heart that things will keep going in this direction.

Unfortunately for you, though... I am scarce of words and news from Venice! As mentioned, work is keeping me busy and, while photography is always a pleasure for me, I find writing extremely tiring...

Aging I am learning to give myself time, to be kinder not only towards others... but also towards myself and I so... today I just want to share a recipe, with no other story. A delicious recipe for one of my favorite comfort foods: oat cookies, chewy and crunchy at the same time, perfect for dipping in a cup of tea after dinner, when I relax on the couch and watch something silly on the telly with Vittorio.

I hope you will like them as much as I do and that they will add a bit of sweetness to your evenings.



Chewy and Crunchy Oat Cookies Recipe
Chewy and Crunchy Oat Cookies Recipe




130 sugar

130 softened butter

1 free range egg

130 gr 00 flour

50 gr oat flour

1teaspoon baking powder

50 gr porridge oats

50 gr finely crushed walnuts

50 gr finely crushed almonds

1 teaspoon roughly ground sea salt flakes


In a bowl, cream softened butter and sugar. Spoon in in the egg, incorporate add the previously sifted flours and baking powder and combine, then add the porridge oats, the walnuts and the almonds. Mix well, cover the bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Pre-heat oven at 170°, grease a sheet of parchment paper, and with an ice-cream scooper, make small scoops of dough, spacing them well apart. Bake for about 15/18 minutes. (15 minutes if you prefer them softer, 18 minutes if you prefer them nice and golden). Remove from oven and let cool before serving.


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