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Lemon and Sage Muffins

Lemon and Sage Muffins

Lemon and Sage Muffins

Not many words today... just a quick recipe that some of you have asked for: lemon and sage muffins. It's a 'brunch' idea that came up with mum, to have something in between sweet and savoury for her afternoon tea ritual. They are really simple to make and and nice and moist.

Lemon and sage muffins
Lemon and Sage Muffins




2 free range eggs

90 gr brown sugar

50 ml lemon juice

the zests of 1 natural lemon

150 gr all purpose flour

40 gr ground almonds (or corn starch)

60 gr butter

3 medium size sage leaves (finely chopped)

4 gr baking powder


1) Finely chop the sage leaves and put them with the butter to melt in a water bath. Let cool and remove the leaves.

2) In a bowl, combine flour and baking powder.

3) In a separate bowl, whisk eggs and sugar until you get a foamy mixture.

4) Add the lemon zests and juice, then the melted butter and the ground almonds, the flour one spoon at a time, and stir again until well amalgamated.

5) Butter and flour a muffin tin, spoon in the dough, and bake at 180° for about 15/20 minutes (the precise time will depend on your oven).


karen lou
karen lou
20 ore fa

When do you add the baking powder?

un' ora fa

Hi Karen :) Combine the baking powder and the flour and spoon them in together. I have just modified the post, thank you for making me realize I hadn't written it :)

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