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Lo Spazio 2091: Made-in-Italy Clothing and Accessory Shop in Venice

Lo Spazio 2091: Made-in-Italy Clothing and Accessory Shop in Venice

Today I want to introduce you to Giorgia, a lovely woman I had the fortune to meet through social media and that in only a couple of minutes managed to conquer my heart. With a bubbly personality, she manages the shop Lo Spazio 2091 located exactly in front of the San Polo Church, the sort of store that makes my city more beautiful, where you will find original made-in-Italy clothes and accessories and incredible fabrics with unique prints. Here, our brief conversation!

1. So, Giorgia, you were born in Rome, then moved to Milan where you currently live, and opened a shop in Venice and Treviso. Intriguing... tell us more about yourself.

Well...my life has always followed the principle of 'go wherever your heart takes you'... I easily fall in love with new projects and I like to be constantly inspired; I like to change environment, see new things, and meet new people, and with regard to Venice and the Veneto, I can't deny they are places I feel deeply connected to, thus I really wanted to do something here.

2. Why did you choose to open a store in Venice?

Lo spazio 2091 was born from the will of putting roots in the city, although I still live with my family in Milan. The shop is a sort of excuse for coming to Venice every week, enjoy its stunning beauty and be close to Venetian people. Now more than ever. Initially, it was only a small temporary clothing shop, but luckily the experience was so successful that I decided to undertake it full time.

3. How was the brand Lo Spazio 2091 born?

The brand was born a bit by chance. I wanted to have a shop with a unique personality and I soon realised that I couldn't do it only by choosing renowned designer makes. When it comes to fashion, my mood is definitely very 50s style, slightly vintage and characterised by the distinctive traits of colour and patterns. The 'sessions' with clients who like to play, want to have fun and let themselves be guided are simply magical and sometimes exhilarating too.

4. The fabrics and patterns are outstanding. How do you choose them?

With regard to the fabrics, the choice is led by my gut feeling, I choose the ones that impress me most. Whereas, for what concerns the designs, the guidelines are simplicity and versatility: I like to think that our clothes can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes and in different types of occassions, for special events but also daily, in the everyday life.

5. What design process do you follow?

Design is a big word. Nowadays it is difficult to truly 'invent' something new, for me what makes the difference is the combination of colours, shapes and patterns. The production of our clothes and accessories is left in the hands of individual seamstresses and small artisan laboratories, which I believe should be supported and encouraged to continue, because it is essential to preserve the quality of manual work for which Italy is famous.

6. Have you participated in local events?

Until I was forced to do some 'model work' (nothing related to cat-walks or stuff like that), I never really exposed myself and my activity. I arrived in Venice on my tiptoes, not at all sure about the reception of our style by the audience I had in mind. It was the volcanic Laura Scarpa, founder of Venezia da Vivere, who invited me the past October to participate in the Venice Fashion Week: that event was amazing for me, especially because I realised I had become part of the Venetian panorama, and also because of the incredible affection and regard expressed by our regular clients.

7. Are all pieces made in Italy?

The network of small artisan selected through the years is essential! All the accessories we propose are hand-crafted and produced with passion and knowledge. I know these may sound as familiar words, repeated again and again, but really... Italy has so many amazing and talented artisans that fight to be able to do what they do, that it is our duty to support them and promote them! So, yes, all items are rigorously Made-in-Italy and each one carries a story.

8. Do you take custom orders?

Yes, we can custumise our pieces through the selection of fabrics, patterns and sizes, always starting from our designs. This is possible because we produce only a few articles for each design and fabric, a choice we made exactly to avoid that people would meet in the street dressed in the same way, and to highlight the unique personality of every woman.

9. Do you have a newsletter or is there a way to be updated on your activity?

We don't have a newsletter yet, but we recently opened a website (www.2091.it) and work a lot on Instagram, probably the best channel to remain constantly up to date!

Let me tell that Giorgia is a person well-worth meeting. Her small shop is incredible and her easy-going manners will surely make you feel at ease. I highly recommend stopping by, even just for a peep, you will fall in love with her and the store. A fantastic Italian experience ;-)

Lo Spazio 2091

Address: San Polo 2091

Phone: +39 3470613203


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