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Lido of Venice Guide


The Lido is one of the islands of the Venetian lagoon, known mostly for its Film Festival and for its beaches. It's a residential area, where life runs smoothly and quietly.

I love this small island and I highly recommend visiting it, especially during the summer when central Venice gets over crowded and unbearably hot. On the Lido you can go to the beach, rent a bike, visit local markets and...savour some amazing food!






where to eat lido


L'Essentiale €€

Address: Via Sandro Gallo, 6, 30126 Lido VE

Phone: +39 041 526 1316

L'Essentiale restaurant and lounge bar, located inside Hotel Villa Laguna, is my favourite place on the Lido. 

Here you can enjoy an aperitif, a snack or a fine dining experience sitting in a beautiful terrace overlooking Venice. 

The food is absolutely amazing and the service top-quality. Highly recommended.

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Osteria al Merca' €€

Address: Via E. Dandolo, 17B, 30100 Lido di Venezia VE

Phone: +39 041 243 1663

Opening hours: 12–2:30PM, 6:30–9:30PM

Probably the best traditional fish restaurant in Lido. Al Merca' is located in the centre in the covered market area, just next to it there is a fishmonger stall, therefore the quality of the ingredients is of first choice. It's possible to enjoy just a cicchetto and a glass of wine or to have a proper meal in their lovely restaurant. Highly recommended.

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Ai Do Mati 

Address: Granviale Santa Maria Elisabetta, 49, 30100 Lido VE

Phone: +39 041 526 1612

A very popular pizzeria and restaurant located in the main street, the Gran Viale. 

La Tavernetta 

Address: Via Francesco Morosini, 4/c, 30126

Phone: +39 041 770530

A combination of Venetian and Tuscan dishes, an interesting selections of wines, all in a traditional style osteria.

Caribe Sorriso € 

Address: Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi, 71, 30126 Lido of Venice

Phone: +39 041 526 1136

Lovely pizzeria, restauurant and snack bar facing the sea. Friendly and easy going atmosphere, beutiful and modern furniture, plants at every corner and excellent prices. Highly recommended.

Pane, Libri e Capuccino €

Address: Via Giovanni Pividor, 30126 Lido

Phone: +39 041 526 9751

The name means bread, books and cappuccino. It is owned by a bakery, so it's possible to buy fresh bread, but also enjoy a snack, a salad and freshly squeezed juices. Friendly meeting spot, where you can just relax with a book or take part in one of the literary events.

Pizzeria El Cason 

Address: Via G.Pividor 15, Venezia
Phone: +39 041 526 0837

This pizzeria is very popular among locals and, in fact, the pizza is very good. To reach it you need to take a bus and get off after the swimming pool (ask the driver! Just tell him that you want to go to "El Cason" and he'll know). 

Trattoria al Ponte di Borgo €€

Address: Calle Mercerie, Venezia, VE 30100

Phone: +39 041 770090

One of the few old style traditional osterias left. Located in Malamocco, I highly recommend stopping here. 
My suggestion is to spend the day at the beach, either on the Murazzi or at Alberoni, and then go there for dinner. 
Booking recommended! 

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Trattoria Locanda da Scarso €€

Address: Piazzale Malamocco, 5, 30126

Phone: +39 041 770834

Ttraditional osteria located in Malamocco, with outdoor seatings. Serving mainly fish, I suggest trying their frittura mista. 

Glamy Bistrot €€

Address: via Sandro Gallo 111A, 30126

Phone: +39 320 843 0999

Beautiful restaurant managed by two passionate sisters, offering Venetian dishes of their family tradition and Japanese food of excellent quality. Highly recommended.

lido di venezia
lido di venezia
lido di venezia


Al Canton del Gallo €

Address: Via Lepanto, 14, 30126 Lido

Phone: +39 041 526 0358

My favourite pastry shop on the Lido! I love their croissants, but mostly I love their pizzette (small pizzas made either with bread or puff pastry, especially the ones with artichokes and anchovies. Yum...


Bar 9 €

Address: Via Lepanto 9, 30126 Lido di Venezia

Phone: +39 3470301575

Lovely and arty bar and toasterieserving delicious cicchetti, craft beer and excellent cocktails. Highly recommended.

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Bar Maleti € 

Address: Gran Viale S. M. Elisabetta, 47, 30126

Phone: +39 041 526 1455

The most popular bar in the main street. Here you can enjoy some snacks like salads, sandwiches, club sandwiches and more. 

Garbisa €

Address: Gran Viale 51/D

Phone: +39 041 526 1464

Delicious pastry shop. I love their small pizzettebut the best things here are the tramezzini, fat and tasty. A must try.

Pecador €

Address: Lungomare D'Annunzio, 30100 Venezia Lido

Open only from late spring to autumn, this double-decker bus serves burgers and drinks. Very popular among students. 

Aurora Beach €

Address: Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi, 30126

During the summer Aurora Beach is a great option not only for a nice snack or cocktail, but also if you want to spend the day at the beach!

Chiosco Baiano €

Address: Via Frà Mauro, 30126 Lido

Great for cocktails and drinks. Very popular in the evening.




Le Magiche Voglie €

Address: Granviale Santa Maria Elisabetta, 47G, 30126 Lido

Phone: +39 347 794 3992

Artisanal ice-cream. The best on the island! I recommend trying their panna in ghiaccio served on a cone and topped with dark chocolate! O M G !!!!

Gelateria Fabio's €

Address: Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi, 30, 30126 Lido VE

Phone: +39 +39 041 276 0065

Excellent artisanal ice-cream next to the Film Festival area. I also recommend trying the milkshake made with ice-cream... delicious!!!!

Gelido Lato €

Address: Via Isola di Cerigo, 5, 30126 Lido of Venice 

Phone: +39 041 839 0645

Located at the beginning of the Gran Viale on the left side, this small ice-cream shop prepares an excellent product using only natural, seasonal and mostly local ingredients. I recommend the dark chocolate and the yogurt flavours. 




If you are visiting Venice in the summer months and spending at least three days in the city, I highly recommend taking a vaporetto and heading to the Lido. This quiet little island is beautiful and definitely more relaxed than central Venice! In the summer the weather is very hot and damp and the city gets over crowded with tourists, that often end up queuing for hours and exhausted by the heat. So, why don't you spend the day at the beach and go back to Venice in the afternoon? Even if I would spend the entire day on the Lido and this is what I would do:



Lido means beach. So put on your swimming suit, remember to bring a towel, sun cream, flip flops. Wear comfortable shoes!


Once you get off the vaporetto, take the Gran Viale on the right side and go to Al Canton del Gallo for a nice breakfast. Mine would be: double coffee, croissant and fresh orange juice.


It costs about 8 or 10 euros a day. There are a few bike rentals in the Gran Viale and the prices are more or less the same, so..up to you!



An oasis of peace, a free-beach where time seems to stop, located at the far end of the island. 
For drinks and snacks there is a beautiful kiosk where I highly recommend to try the sautéed mussels. You can spend the whole day lying down on the beach or explore the area, going for a walk to the lighthouse or, instead, exploring the protected oasis. At the end of the day you can take a shower behind the kiosk for a couple of euros. 


Return to S.M.Elisabetta, put down your bike and have a walk in the Gran Viale. You could simply enjoy a spritz and an ice-cream or.... 


This Hotel hosts my favourite restaurant and lounge bar: L'Essentiale. Whether you just want an aperitif or a proper meal, this is a must stop before heading back to Venice. The terrace overlooks the lagoon and at that time of the evening the colours of the sky are incredible. 

A perfect ending to a wonderful day. 

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