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Garance & Marion: an art gallery of new generation

Garance & Marion

Venice Illustrations and artwork - Fine Art Prints

1. Garance and Marion, two French women in Venice! Tell us a little something about yourselves.

We met in Venice about three years ago, but we both grew up in France, one in the North and the other in the South. It happened during a literary meeting, after only a couple of minutes we had already become friends and only two months later we decided to undertake this crazy adventure. It was like an obvious choice, to put together our skills, personalities, and ideas here in Venice, a city we love so much.

Marion: I fell in love with this city many years ago, the moment I stepped onto a vaporetto at night, just by looking outside at the Grand Canal. Eventually I returned to the lagoon and decided to leave my life in France to live my Venetian dream.

Garance: Both during my travels in the past years and in 2016, year that I returned to Venice, I felt a familiar feeling here, something similar to being at home. I like to say that I arrived in Venice by chance for an internship in a museum, but then when I was offered the job... it was not by chance that I chose to stay.

2. Where does your passion for illustration come from?

We don't know where it comes from, but we know we have it! We are two passionate women and mostly, we are curious and wanted to do something new and different that would still enhance emerging artists and the crafts of the region Veneto. We strongly believe in the power of collaborations and find this aspect the most rewarding of our job.

Marion “I studied applied arts, graphics and art history, therefore I have a strong relationship with images, I like to understand them, study them technically and occasionally I also like to create some compositions through the technique of collage. Being rather reserved, I find that the language of painting can convey lots of emotions and that it speaks to me more than words.”

Garance “I had the fortune to be immersed in culture since I was a child, thus I am fascinated by images of all sorts. Being into art history and contemporary art, I like to combine knowledges and prove that the world of illustration and graphic art in general, have an important role in the contemporary artistic scene”.

Venice Illustrations and artwork - Fine Art Prints | Garance & Marion
Venice Illustrations and artwork - Fine Art Prints | Garance & Marion

3. How did you get the idea of an itinerant art gallery? and how did you manage to transform an idea into a reality?

The idea came up simply speaking together, thinking about realities that are normal abroad but still not so common here in Italy. We thought that this sort of gallery was needed in Venice! Then we worked for one year before organizing our first exhibition called Impressions de Venise, which we took in every neighborhood -or sestiere- of Venice first, and eventually in other towns in the Veneto. Right now, we are working on opening a physical gallery in Venice! We love organizing itinerant exhibits, but Venice is a truly challenging city and requires a lot of extra work and boats to open an itinerant gallery every day ... anyway, we are grateful for this experience because it has allowed us to learn more about the city itself and to meet lots of wonderful people.

4. Clearly... you love Venice and the Veneto. The choice to move here, but also to showcase Venetian illustrators and artists prove this! Pros and cons of living here.

Yes, as you can see, we are two great lovers of the Serenissima. This deep love is what motivates us to work hard to highlight the true beauty of Venice. It is essential for us to enhance all the historical and current richness of the city, which is not an amusement park for unruly tourists.

The architecture, the way the city works from an engineering perspective, its residents, its traditions, the history, the perfumes (and bad smells too!), the past and the present, but also the future of this city are a great source of inspiration for our artists, as well as for us and our audience.

Venice Illustrations and artwork - Fine Art Prints | Garance & Marion
Venice Illustrations and artwork - Fine Art Prints | Garance & Marion

5. I find your project extremely contemporary: on the one hand you work locally with local artists, printers and carpenters, on the other you work online to reach an international audience. Did anyone inspire you? Do you know other women that do a similar activity?

Actually we did get some inspiration from other galleries that offer numbered and signed fine art prints, but we are not aware of a gallery like ours. It was a non-negotiable choice for us to work exclusively with local artists and artisans, for several reasons but mostly because the history of printing is closely intertwined with the one of Venice and we want to continue this tradition, and also to have a low environmental impact.

6. You have been working with many different artists and illustrators, would you like to share something with us?

The artists we work with are young and emerging. Our selection is based on the different artistic personality of each of them, so as to offer an harmonious approach. We learn and grow together trying to deconstruct the not always gratifying relationship between gallery owner and artist. This human and professional growth brings us closer.

7. How do you select the artwork to print for your gallery?

We chose the artists through some research online and on social media and contacted them directly, inviting them to our open call on the theme Venice. The artists are both Italian and international, to include as many view points on the city as possible.

Venice Illustrations and artwork - Fine Art Prints | Garance & Marion
Venice Illustrations and artwork - Fine Art Prints | Garance & Marion

8. How can we keep updated on your events and products and learn more about your gallery?

Through our website:, where it's always possible to see and purchase the artworks available.

On Instagram and through our newsletter ( you can subscribe here : ).

In December we will take part in different markets.

For the first time we will also leave the Veneto and head at the discovery of Milan and Paris. Following, our December events:

- From December 1 to 22, Paris; Drawing market 

In the heart of Gaîté-Montparnasse, the Drawing Market is dedicated to the editions of contemporary artists. Screen-printing, engraving, pottery,

t-shirts, artist editions, all the products of the Drawing Market were thought, designed and produced/published by the artists.

19 di rue Vercingetorix, 14º arrondissement, Paris

- From the 9th to the 11th of December in Milan; Christmas Art Market: arts, crafts and delicacies.

The new Christmas appointment dedicated to quality shopping, with artists and artisans from all over Italy.

Address: Via S. Primo, 4 4 Via San Primo 20121 Milano 

- December 17, Treviso; Merry Fabrica 

Saturday 17 December, Merry Fabrica, a day of shopping, workshops, music, street

food e lots of creativity. An unmissable occasion for those who are looking for gift ideas or simply wish to spend some time with friends in the beautiful architecture signed by Tadao Ando. What to expect: workshops, food-trucks, dj-set ...

Address: Fabrica, Via Postioma, 54/F, Catena di Villorba (Tv)

It is always nice (better) to meet in person! We'll be waiting for you there!

And keep in touch for updates on other events and the opening of our new gallery!


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