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Christmas Greetings from the Lagoon

Wishing You a Serene and Happy Christmas

Christmas post

Another year, another Christmas. I don't know about you, but when December comes, I am hit by a mix of happiness and nostalgia, especially over the last two years. The sun sets early, the temperature is outrageously cold, yet the Christmas lights, the decorations, and the people meeting for the seasonal greetings, all warm up the atmosphere. The city is beautiful, quiet again for who knows how long, and I am treasuring every moment.

December has been giving us some lovely sunny days, so cold to make the sky clear and the mountains far away pop out in the background, over the lagoon. Luckily I have been busy working and everyday I can't help feeling blessed for what I do and for having such wonderful collaborators. In particular, I feel grateful for having the opportunity to help Francesca at the bookshop and cafeteria sullaluna, which you know has been one of my favourite places in town since its opening. I have met illustrators and artists and I learn new things each time. I also feel blessed for the love proven to me by some very special friends, like my former student Marina and my neighbour Valentina. For my family and my brother Matteo, the biggest gift mum could ever make me. And I am so grateful to have Vittorio, although at times my behaviour probably doesn't show.

Christmas still life

Like every end of the year, I like to take stock of my failures and achievements and to draft a to-do list for the coming year, rigorously accompanied by the other and most important list: the one of good resolutions. In this 2021, I don't want to focus on the negatives, instead, I will be a little selfish and focus only on my life, on the people I love and the small things I can do to make them smile. For years, Vittorio and I have been rummaging through his vintage briefcases containing old family photos, to pick the ones to give to his cousins and brothers, recalling happy memories and past times.

The other day I was so happy to have found two old albums, in faded brown leather and with some beautiful engravings, that when my husband got out of bed I started shouting 'look, look! how cute you were on the day of your first communion!".

But the real surprise was to find a postcard picture from the first half of the century addressed to a certain Rosa Marchiori, who according to Vittorio, was his great grandmother from his father's side, evacuated to Carpenedo in Mestre after the war. It was a surprise because the daughter of Lorenzo, one of Vito's brothers, is called Rosa and I remember how upset my husband was when he learned that they were naming her after a living relative from the mother's side and not after their mum... (🤣🤣🤣, yes I know, it is ridiculous! One should call their child as they wish... but what can I do, he's just like this!). When I saw that, I immediately texted his brother and felt incredibly proud of having found a direct connection to the Marchiori's branch and to have ended this issue in the best possible way 😝

This year, in addition to the old photos, we also chose some of my pictures to print, frame and give as little thoughts. I am happy because I had tried various printers but hadn't been able to find one with whom I could actually sit in front of the computer to decide details and paper type, besides... seeing my work printed has been unexpectedly rewarding! I have finally found the courage to propose some of them as Fine Art Prints and published the page the other day. The collection is still small, and to the darker still lifes, I decided to add some pics from my Lido wanderings, as it is the place where I recharge energy and find inspiration, and I am planning to add more in the coming months, to complete all the seasons. What's fun is that through photography I got closer to nature and learned about flowers, crops, people and history. Which is something else to feel grateful for.

Christmas still life

Yes, gratefulness is what I want to focus on this Christmas and I wish you and your dear ones the most serene of times. A while ago I found a beautiful quote, and I will use it to end this post and send you my warmest greetings from Venice.

With love,


'Thou that has given so much to me,

Give me one thing more - a grateful heart;

Not thankful when it pleaseth me,

As if thy blessing had spare days;

But such a heart, whose pulse may be

Thy praise.'

from 'Gratefulness' by George Herbert

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