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Marinated Egg Yolks

Marinated Egg Yolks

Marinated Egg Yolks | vegetarian Recipes with eggs

The recipe for marinated egg yolks turns out handy when you are making desserts requiring only egg whites and don't want to waste the yolks nor engage in a second preparation. I first saw it some years ago on Masterchef Italia and thought it was complicated, but once I tried it, I realised that it is time-saving, easy, and delicious!

Just combine the same amount of sugar and salt and create a base with half mixture, then shape 4 holes, pour the yolks, cover with the remaining mixture and leave marinating for at least 2 hours.

Marinated Egg Yolks | vegetarian Recipes with eggs
Marinated Egg Yolks | vegetarian Recipes with eggs

During this time the yolks start cooking from the outside in and become more solid. Put the yolks on a spoon and rinse them first in a small bowl filled with water at room temperature, then gently under running water. The longer they marinate, the more they cook. The texture is different from the one of a boiled egg, because it remains more orange and the heart melts in your mouth... so delicious!

We enjoyed them for a casual lunch, served on toasted homemade spelt bread and a radicchio salad on the side, dressed with olive oil and lemon, but they are delicious also sliced and tossed into a salad.

I'm leaving you the recipe for the yolks and the bread below, hope you like them!

Marinated Egg Yolks | vegetarian Recipes with eggs
Marinated Egg Yolks | vegetarian Recipes with eggs



Easy - Vegetarian


4 egg yolks

50 gr cane sugar

50 gr salt


In a bowl, mix salt and sugar.

On a plate, create a base with half the salt and sugar mixture and use an egg to shape 4 small holes. Add the yolks, one for every hole and cover them with the remaining sugar and salt mixture.

Leave marinating for at least 2 hours. The more you leave it, the harder the yolks become (the Italian chef Carlo Cracco leaves them marinating for 30 hours and then grates them on other dishes). Anyway, once ready, with the help of a spoon put the yolk in a cup of water, then rinse it well under running water to remove the mixture...and serve on toasted bread or add to a salad!

Deliciously effortless ;-)



Ingredients for 1 loaf:

150 gr whole wheat flour

150 gr spelt flour

175 ml water

5 gr fresh brewer's yeast

5 gr sugar

5 gr salt


1. Melt the brewer's yeast with the sugar and a little bit of warm water.

2. In a bowl, combine flours and salt and make a hole in the middle. Use your right hand to work the dough and keep the left free.

3. Add the yeast, start kneading, and slowly add the water. Keep working the dough until the flour has absorbed the liquid. Move to a floured surface and knead for about 5 minutes. Form a ball, put in a bowl, cover and let rise for 4 hours.

4. After 4 hours, move the dough onto a floured surface and shape your loaf. With a sharp knife practice the rising cuts, then let rise for another 90 minutes in the oven (turned off).

5. Once the time has passed, pre-heat oven at 180° and bake for 1 hour. After 20 minutes, if the top seems to be getting brown, just cover with some foil.

6. When ready, remove from oven and fold into a kitchen towel and let cool before slicing.


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